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Fitting Guide And Sizing Information 

Not everything we see online fits. At Girl Nine, we strive to make the products best suited for you. If you don’t know your perfect fit, our fitting and sizing guide will clear up all your confusion.

Finding Your Bra Size

The best thing to do to ensure your bra size fits perfectly is to measure your breasts again. Women’s chest sizes change with age and many other circumstances like pregnancy or menopause. To keep your fit during all these years, you should measure your size every now and then.

How to Measure Bra Size?

Step 1: Measuring the Band Size 

The band size is the number in your bra size. To measure your band size, take a measuring tape and place it just below your busts. Ensure you are wearing a light, non-padded bra while you do so. Note the readings in cm or inches to select your bra number.

measure band size

Step 2: Measuring the Cup Size

To know what cup size you should get, measure your bust size. Wrap the measuring tape around your busts and note the number. This is your bust size.

Now, subtract the band size from this bust size. The resulting difference will give you your bra cup size.

You can add this information in a bra size calculator Pakistan to find your perfect pair. Refer to our bra size chart below to find the right band and cup size as per your bra size measurement.

measure bra cup size

Finding Your Bra Size From Your Current Bra

If the current bra you have perfectly fits your body, you don’t have to go through the measuring labor. Simply get the same size for your new bra as well. However, if it requires changes in the cup or band size, consider the following guide:

  • If your current band fits but the cups are loose or tight, go up or down a cup size.
  • If your cup size is okay but the band fitting is tight, go up on the band size but one down on the cup size.
  • If your cup size is okay but the band fitting is loose, go down on the band size and one up on the cup size.
  • If both the band and cups are loose or too tight, only change the band size and keep the cup size the same.

Bra Sister Sizes for a Perfect Fit

Sister bra sizes are nothing more than a more accurate sizing guide. They are the ideal rescue guide when your perfect bra size is not feeling so perfect anymore.
Every ladies bra size has at least two sister sizes with the same cup volume. These products come with minor changes in the fitting accuracy and, honestly, that’s all we need. Choosing sister bra sizes is better than compromising in an uncomfortable bra that is supposed to be your perfect size.
If your bra size requires little changes even after using the bra size calculator or is not available, opt for its sister size. You will get the same cup volume but a different band size.
Consider the following examples:

  • For your 34B size bra, your sister size down will be 32C (one band size down but one cup size up). This is because when you go a band size down, the cup size also decreases. Thus, you have to choose a bigger cup size.
  • Similarly, the sister size up for your bra size 34B will be 36A (one band size up and one cup size down).

Refer to our bra cup size chart to find your sister bra size.

    Bra Size Chart

    Finding Your Panties Size

    No one can compromise on a loose or tight women's panty. Therefore, we recommend measuring your panties' size every time you shop for a new one. 

    At Girl Nine, we take three measurements to ensure your panties fit you perfectly. These involve your waist size, your buttock length, and your legs width. Ensure all your measurements are in centimeters (cm). 

    Measuring Your Waist Size

    Measure both ways from the highest point of your waist. If you can’t find it, bend on your side and it will be visible easily. This is the width or waist of your panties.

    measure waist size

    Measuring Your Panties Length

    How much you want to cover with your panties will go with your length measurements. To get it, measure from the center point of your waist to the end of the area between your legs. Note down the length of your panties in cm. 

    Measuring the Thigh Width

    Some panties come with a different thigh width than others. If you want it to wrap perfectly around your thighs, take a measuring tape and measure around the thigh just below your hips. Refer to the Girl Nine panties size guide to find your perfect article.

    measure panty size

    Finding The Right Shirt Size

    Whether you choose to buy a t-shirt, frock, or tunic, the right sizing matters. You need to measure your shoulder, sleeve, and chest size, along with your upper body to get the right size for your shirt. Make sure all the measurements are in inches. If your measuring tape gives a reading in cm, simply divide the number by 2.54 to get the answer in inches.

    Measuring Your Shoulder Size

    Measure (in inches) from the base of your neck to the shoulder joint. Double the reading to get your Girl Nine shoulder size for shirts.

    Measuring Your Chest Size

    Measure horizontally around your chest along the highest point of your breasts. Don’t keep the tape too tight or hold your breath. Note down your chest size.

    Measuring Your Sleeve Size

    Note the point where your shoulder meets your arm. Place one end of the measuring tape here and let it go down to wherever you want your sleeve to end. This is the size of your sleeves.

    Measuring Your Shirt Length

    Stand straight and place one end of the measuring tape along the back at the base of your neck. Let the tape go down and stop where you want your shirt to end. For T-shirts, it’s mostly your waist. For tunics, you measure just down the hips.

    How to Measure T Shirt

    Refer to the Girl Nine’s shirt sizing guide below to find your perfect article.

    Tops Measure Size Chart

    Finding Your Jeans Size

    At Girl Nine, we care that your body must feel free and fit in our products. For denim jeans, we consider waist as well as inseam, hips, and thigh measurements in inches to nullify any errors. 

    Measuring Your Waist Size

    For bottoms shopping, waist size is one thing that matters the most. Measure your waist length in a similar manner by checking the reading at the highest point of your waist. You may add a finger inside the tape while measuring to leave room for movement.

    Measuring Other Fittings

    Inseam: Measure just below your crouch all the way to the bottom of your ankle.

    Hips: Wrap the measuring tape around the highest point on your hips and note down the value in inches.

    Thighs: 1-2 inches below the hip area, wrap the measuring tape around, and note down your thigh size.

    How to Measure Denim

    Refer to the Girl Nine denim size guide below to find your perfect article.

    Denim Measure Size Chart

    Finding The Right Shoe Size

    You may have noted that different shoes fit you in different sizes. For example, Sneakers in one shoe shop may fit you in 37 size, while a similar pair in some other brand may fit you one size bigger or smaller. Yeah, that happens to a lot of women.

    In physical shops, you can try different sizes. The problem arises when shopping shoes online. You need to measure your foot size carefully to know if a shoe will fits you.

    Measuring Your Foot Size 

    Take a white piece of paper and place it against the wall. Place your foot on top and mark its periphery with a pen. Make a straight line from the tip of the big toe to the outer part of your heel. Measure this line in cm with a measuring tape. Refer to our footwear sizing chart to find the right size.

    How to Measure Shoes Size