Bras. Underwears. Shapers. Sleepwear & Intimate wear. 

We just make them better. 

At GirlNine we don't compromise. Aesthetics, comfort, and empowerment are the cornerstones of our brand. 

The modern, educated, empowered women of today are on a lookout for intimates that are cool, fashion-savvy, and make them feel good about themselves. Mrs Afrah Abdul Rehman and her team joined their heads and struck the balance between style and comfort with GirlNine - something that the local lingerie market is yet to offer to practical women like you. 

GirlNine is a solution for the problem we all face - fashionable, practical, comfortable lingerie at a price tag you will love! 

Every woman is bold, every woman is beautiful, every woman should be comfortable in her own skin. At GirlNine, each stitch and seam has a purpose, to make each intimate personal and to make the wearer feel loved. 

Come in any color, size or number - GirlNine has something for everyone.  GirlNine is for women, by a woman. Visit us with full confidence to enjoy a completely safe shopping experience in a women-only zone. 

The journey of GirlNine has just begun. Keep checking this space for new launches spanning skincare, accessories, sportswear and other things women love. Mrs Afrah Abdul Rehman is on a mission and through her brands, she wants to create a community of inclusive, empowered women who support and build each other up. She wants to make every woman feel empowered, and far from alone!

GirlNine - proudly women's!