Collection: Padded Bra

Refine Sensuality With Our Padded Bras:

Our classic padded bras are all about creativity, style, and sophistication. These bras have been designed for today’s women. They showcase strength, elegance, and the need to be beautiful for yourself.

Our padded bras collection is divided into two types of bras. The first one comes with heavy padding bras while the other one is the light padding bra. Girl Nine is the best bra shopping online place because it provides you with a lot of options in bra styles and designs. You can choose the kind of padding you want in your bra by looking at the description of the product and then buying it online in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and across Pakistan.

Padded but Comfortable and Smooth!

Unlike traditional padded bras, our bras are not uncomfortable and torturous to wear. Girl Nine sells pure cotton bras or silk bras that come with comfortable and durable stitching and do not irritate the skin. These intimates bras are rash-friendly and the wires are tugged in with foaming so that they won’t irritate you.

These ladies bras have been designed to keep you in shape and to provide that extra lift you need. However, the padding is not very obvious which gives you a natural look while keeping you comfortable at the same time. Our bras also come in single, double, push up, lightly, and strapless padded bra forms.