Collection: Nursing Bra

Nurture your motherhood journey.

Nursing Bra – A Gift for Your Motherhood:

Double all your happiness in being a new mother with our quality nursing bra collection. Cute, cuddling, and comfortable, these lingerie products provide a deep hug to your chest. The wire-free mother feeding bras are a great addition to your child-care shopping.

Girl Nine is here for all the mothers looking to share their responsibilities. We understand how overwhelming it can be to have sore breasts and not be able to feed properly. Worry not, our breast feeding bra compilation is here just to relieve this issue. The easy open and closure clips on the pumping bra give you the freedom to actively feed anywhere, anytime.

Shop The Latest Maternity Bra in Pakistan:

If it’s your last trimester and all you can feel are sore breasts, you need a special maternity bra to take care of your body. Girl Nine is here with the best women's bra in Pakistan, with comfort and flexibility as the top features. The soft pads, flexible straps, and full coverage provide the utmost care to your growing, aching breasts.

Our nursing bra collection extends various cup sizes for total support. They powerfully tackle your changing body and deliver new needs. You can find all our mother-care products, like maternity bra price to be affordable for every mother out there.

At Girl Nine, we are all into providing comfort to your motherhood.