Collection: Panties

The Classic Panties You’ve Been Looking For!

Girl Nine is all about providing room for comfort to women when they need it the most. Panties are a very personal choice and this is why we provide our customers the chance to shop for their favorite Panties from the comfort of their homes in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and all over Pakistan. Here, you will find g-string panties online for young girls, working women, housewives, students, and even pregnant women at the best price.

All our ladies underwear has been designed and added to our underwear stick to help you get through the day with ease. Whether it's shark week for you, or you need something easy to wear under jeans, our large women's panties collection has covered you.

Our Large Variety Of Panties For Women

There are different kinds of panties we sell, like brief panties, hipster panties, and boyshorts. Some of them are fashion panties and do not cover most of the area. These are called thongs and net panties. You will often see women wearing them with bikinis. We have a whole range of colors available in them. Then come the young and teenage female panties that are either high-waisted and broad panties or low waist but broad-from-the-waist panties.

Our silk and net panty collection are jaw-dropping. You will find many lace women's underwear in our undergarments collection that will make you drool. Then comes our collection of underwear for pregnant ladies which has been made with high waists in order to provide that lift and support you need during your pregnancy.

Women Underwear for Every Occasion

Summer, winter, rainy, or sunny, we have the right women’s underwear for every occasion. The primary factor is the fabric and design that distinguishes them for various uses. Our cotton underwear range is an all-season favorite but is most demanded during the hot months for its breathability and light material.

Girl Nine Maternity underwear is made keeping the needs and challenges of pregnancy in mind. Relieve the worry of your growing size in these complicated days as our maternity collection covers especially that. Its stretchable fabric and heavy duty also get you through the postpartum period with ease.

The Superior Shop for Girls’ Underwear

Our women's underwear collection is not limited to individuals of any size or age. It is vast, just like the designs and styles. Women’s undergarment needs start from a young age, and we manufacture our goods keeping that in mind. That’s why we offer the most relevant girls underwear collection for teens and early adults.

Make way for the best period underwear for girls, designed to give you all the comfort you need in those days. It provides optimum coverage to help you move freely without worry. In short, our vast range only embraces the best underwear for women in Pakistan.