You Know the Size but Do You Know Your Breast Type?

You Know the Size but Do You Know Your Breast Type?

Not all boobs were created equal. Believe it or not, there are more than 9 different boob types in the world and you may be very surprised to know that your own two breasts can be different as well. Here we are loosely defining six different types of breasts that are common in the sub-continent region. 

1) The Full Circle 

These breasts have equal amounts of fat on the top and the bottom. Many women who have full breasts are larger in size but some women with smaller breast size also have full breasts. The point to note is that the ‘fullness’ of the breast is what defines this type, not the size. 

What bra to wear with these?

Go for any lingerie bra type that gives maximum coverage to your breasts. Positive and Ramage are Girl Nine’s all favorite full coverage bras for full breasts. 

2) The Teardrop

The best way to recognize a teardrop breast is to know that the nipples point downwards. The bottom is just more rounder than the top. This shape is typical in women who have had children or have lost a lot of weight. 

What to wear with these?

If you have this breast type, you need a bra that gives your breast a round shape and no bra does it better than t-shirt bras. Sugar, Pure, and Secret are Girl Nine’s best loved t-shirt bras

3) The Perky Point 

Perky Points are similar to teardrop type but they are not as out of shape as teardrops. They are conical in shape and are more common in women with average and smaller breast sizes. If you feel that you are comfortable in underwired breasts but are unable to fill the cup, this may be your breast type. 

What to wear with these?

To give you an ideal cleavage, ¾ cup/demi/half cup bras are ideal for perky pointies. Demisare low cut all the way across the bust. A demi bra creates great cleavage and has fashionable wide set straps. Choose Girl Nine’s Angel or Queen. No bra can beat ‘em!

4) The Wideset  

These are another type of tricky breasts. They are far apart on your chest and can even point in the opposite directions. They are also known as East West boob type. 

What to wear with these?

To keep your boobs together and happy, look for bras that have more coverage on the sides. Push up or plunge variety can go well for smaller or average breasts while for larger sizes, choose a bra with extra side support. You can find an interesting collection at Girl Nine. 

5) The Jumbo

As is obvious, these are maximums. Rounder, higher, bigger, larger use any word for them but to cut the long story short they don’t need a lot of support. They are pretty much self-sufficient.


What to wear with these?

Ladies if you are gifted in the boobs section, you have the creative freedom to wear whatever you want as long you find your size ;)

6) The Petite Athlete 

If you have smaller breasts that spread out on the sides instead of projecting forward than this could be your breast type. Gymnasts, runners and swimmers often have this body type. 

What to wear with these?

For these, the suggestion is simple. Look for bras that have a panel in the middle. Girl Nine’s plunge bras are a great find. We hope you know your girls better now. If there is anything else that you’d want to add or tell us, let us know!

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