Winter Fashion Trends 2023 to Level Up Your Style Game

Winter Fashion Trends 2023 to Level Up Your Style Game

From runways to street style, the winter 2023 fashion is in full swing! Fashion lovers are all in to make this year’s winter a trendy experience.

The start of a new season brings change that brings excitement. In Pakistan, the onset of winter is marked by the start of October. By that means, it’s already time to go for your new season shopping spree!

But wait, what’s going to be the fashion trend in winter 2023? That’s a question worth exploring.

Read about the sizzling winter fashion trends of 2023 for ladies in Pakistan, wardrobe essentials, and how to shoot your best vogue shot this winter.

Winter Wardrobe Basics Checklist 2023

Before you find the answer to the question “What style will be trending in winter 2023?”, know what your wardrobe MUST HAVE! Don’t worry, it’s not much work. Simply consider the following list of basic wardrobe essentials for women, and you are ready to go!

  • Overcoat/ long coat  
  • Long Boots
  • Jogger/Sneakers
  • Denim Jeans
  • Leather Jacket
  • Wool sweater
  • Turtle Neck
  • Long Sleeves Top
  • Sweatshirts

Keep this wardrobe basics checklist 2023 in front when you go shopping for the new season activities. You can check off some of these items already by shopping online at Girl Nine today!  

What are the Design Trends for Winter 2023?

Winter is not just a season; it's a celebration of style. In fact, it is the most favorite season of all the fashion lovers!

Step into the winter of 2023 with a bold turn: going head-to-head with the fashionistas. To do so, keep the following fashion trends in view:

  • Wide Denim Jeans for Women

2023 has been all about straight and wide-leg jeans! We said goodbye to skinny jeans a few years back, and it's no near to making a comeback in the upcoming season either.

Designers are experimenting with unique cuts and fits, giving denim a new appeal. High-waisted, wide-leg jeans are making a comeback that complements most body types. Another one of the trends you will see in winter women’s fashion is straight jeans with whatever you want to wear on top.

Pair your straight or wide-leg denim jeans with a chunky turtleneck sweater and ankle boots for a cozy winter look. If the cold wind comes in your way, add a leather jacket on top for an extra layer of warmth. Denim-on-denim outfits are also one of the emerging trends, utilize them to make a little something extra with your fashion. 

  • Geometric Silk Scarves 

Silk scarves for women are all set to make a statement this year with their versatile prints. The cozy material makes it a perfect fall/winter fashion staple.

From pink to mustard and hues of blue, every scarf has a charm to deliver. Whether geometric patterns, animal prints, or abstract designs, you are free to choose your style!

Knot a silk scarf around your neck for a Western look, or spread it over your shoulders with traditional winter clothes in Pakistan. You can even use it as a headscarf to add modesty or as a headband to add chic to your ensemble. 

  • Cozy Joggers or Chic Sneakers 

Joggers and sneakers have been a winter staple for over a decade now, and they don’t seem going outdated anytime soon.

Although both are cozy and stylish, joggers shoes are more on the comfort side and sneakers on the fashion side. The colors and design options are vast. Wear them under a t-shirt-blazer combination or a cozy winter dress, it will turn eyes toward you either way!

  • New Era of Layering 

Layering is the first and most crucial stage of fall and winter fashion. It’s an art and should be handled as such. 

You may have seen many people trying to be fashion-forward while shivering in a net outfit or a crop top. That’s clearly not fashion! Don’t get inspired by such faux styles. 

What you can do instead is play with layers. Scarves, jackets, coats, and open-button tops are some of the options to have as a backup. Experiment with different lengths and textures to add depth and dimension to your look.

  • Bags, Belts, and Beyond 

Add lasting glamour to your look by choosing the right winter accessories. Socks and gloves are more on the comfort essentials list while hats, belts, jewelry, and bags are what keeps you looking stylish.

Add charisma to your plain or timid winter outfit with dark-colored belts and leather bags. You can further embellish it bold earrings, necklaces, or oversized rings. Opt. for silk scarves with unique prints and vibrant colors to complement your outfit further. 

What Fashion Trends Are Out in 2023?

Not everything can become a priority, does it? Hence, as some fashion trends are rising, some are falling. The following are some of the outdated fashion choices that should NOT be your priority in winter 2023. 

  1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny has long faded into the shadow of straight and wide-leg jeans. Anyone wearing it into 2023 looks straight out of decades-old fashion. Do yourself a favor and opt for a windy fitting.  

  1. Wearing Sweater Everywhere

Wearing sweaters is cool until you wear them too much and too often. However, layering sweaters over every top and every kind of event is not something that will be appreciated in winter 2023.

  1. Too Many Colors

Summer and spring call for colorful outfits. Winter, however, not so much. During cold days, flaunt your style with plain colors, overall prints, or pastels. Colorful scarves, shirts, and bottoms won’t be entertaining in the upcoming season.

  1. Baggy Low-Waist Bottoms

Another lost fashion in 2023 is low-waist jeans and trousers. Swap it with a high-waist one or wear sneakers to complete the look.

  1. V-Neck Dress 

V-necks were never really a fashion to die for, and in 2023, they become even more invisible. Crew neck and collars are the go-to shirt neck designs for this year.   

Spark Up Your Winter with Girl Nine Outfits! 

On the final note, just remember that style has less to do with what you wear than how you wear it. If you want to be a winner for winter fashion 2023 for ladies, don’t forget to add the above-mentioned articles to your wardrobe checklist. Wide-leg denim, silk scarf, leather jacket, and sneakers are worthy of mention.

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