What To Look For In A Sports Bra

What To Look For In A Sports Bra

A recent survey carried out by the Shock Absorber Sports Institute (SASI) at Portsmouth University has shown that 9.5 million women in the United Kingdom alone are not wearing the right lingerie to support their breasts while running or working out. Are you one of them?

Why should you wear a sports bra in the first place?

This same research also showed that while working out or running, a woman’s breasts move in three directions: up-down, in-out, and side-to-side. Also note that on average, each breast weights between 250 to 300 grams. That’s quite a lot of weight for the shoulders and the muscles which support your breast. That’s where a good sports bra will come in. It can cut the movement by up to 53 to 59 percent for cup size As and Ds which will protect the muscles which support your breast. 

BIGGEST mistake you can make

Experts say that the biggest mistake women make while choosing a sports bra is choosing a smaller cup and a larger band. Remember, restricting your breast movement is as harmful as letting them bounce around freely. 

Then, what should you be looking for?

1. Band? 

In a sports bra, the band is doing all the work. It has to be the same level all the way round. If it climbs up then it is too big. If you can’t breathe, it is too small. You should be able to insert no more than one finger under the band or in the cup. Remember, if it is too tight it can cause breast or back pain. 

2. Pull over or back clasp?

The pullover style secures your breast but the one with a back clasp lets you adjust the band pull. This is vital for large breasts which need more support from the band. 

3. Compression on encapsulation?

Go for shelf bra styles for smaller cup sizes and for a bra with individual cups for larger breasts. 

4. Racerback or wide straps?

T-backs are for bigger breasts while wide straps support smaller sizes better. 

5. Removable or non-removable bra pads?

Removable cups let you wash your bra easily or even replace them if they are worn out. Non-removable are better if you have a good collection of bras and don’t need to wash them every day. 

6. Good ventilation and moisture wicking?

When you are working out, your bra needs to let air in so that your perspiration can evaporate. Choose a fabric type that allows evaporation and also dries up quickly. So, following the given guidelines, you can choose a bra that suits you best. Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments and our team will get back to you! By the way, Girl Nine stocks some amazing sports bras. Check them out here. 


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