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Undergarments Shopping at GirlNine – Because You Deserve the Best

Be it a beautiful and exotic collection of bras, a sensual and sizzling variety of nightdresses or a sturdy and seamless range of body shapers, It has it all. Pakistan’s no.1 e-store for undergarments, delivers exactly what it advertises and claims and its excellent quality products and customer centric service will make you a loyal customer for life in no time.

Are you into online shopping? It’s pretty convenient isn’t it? And when it comes to undergarments, let’s face it, we all feel a little shy while shopping for them. It’s quite natural. Online shopping helps us in that regard. But then there comes another legitimate problem regarding online undergarments shopping.

Getting scammed by fake websites and poor quality products and service! I cannot remember the number of times I added products I liked at first glance to my shopping cart and abandoned it the very next minute out of fear of getting conned. But you know I do remember how I became a victim of fraud due to some so called “authentic” brands operating online only.

E-stores offering undergarments for ladies that deliver exactly what they advertise and promise are very few in number. I have finally found an e-store that delivers exactly what it promises i.e. excellent quality products, customer centric service and good value for your hard earned money. The amazing e-store I am praising is GirlNine. Why so? Let me explain.

Bras – For All Shapes and Sizes


Exotic style, perfect fitting and absolute comfort. These are some of the key elements I look for in a bra. Oh and how passionately I hate bras whose underwires come out after wearing them for a few times only. Yes fashion and style are vital, but I am also big on quality.

I want good value for the money I spend and I am sure you do too. GirlNine, one of the best bra brands in Pakistan, offers a wide range of bras with variety in padding, coverage, wiring, style, closure and straps and all types are available in various exciting colors. I was surfing through their bras section and I have to say that some of them caught my attention because I had not seen the likes of them at any other bra brands in Pakistan.

My Handpicks for You

Secret – Elegant, Comfortable and Sexy

It’s so simple yet so sexy. Slight padding, soft cotton fabric and medium coverage adorn this beautiful bra. Available in various colors, it’s a must have for every girl out there.


Queen – Seductive, Dramatic and Modern

This stunning cotton and net bra with an elegant lacy finish is a beautiful and exotic dream. It’s wired heavily padded cups, detachable and adjustable shoulder straps and push up style make it a staple for your lingerie collection. Look at it, it’s beautiful!  


Agate – Simple, Chic and Exotic

This versatile nylon push up bra with its balconette design and underwire support enhances your cleavage and provides great support for your breasts. This exotic yet simple bra can be a great choice for everyday wear.


Why GirlNine for Bras.

The reason why I would place my faith in GirlNine is I have heard only good reviews about their products and services. My friends have shopped from the brand and they were quite impressed with the quality, design and comfort of their bras. According to them, the fabric was soft, seamless and breathable and designs were modern, chic and glamorous.

A friend of mine recently purchased a padded and a cotton bra from Losha and as per her experience, the wires of the padded bra came out only after a few months and the color of the padding did not match the color of the bra which gave it a cheap look.

Another source of mine told me that the cups seemed a bit off in quality in the bra she bought from Losha. So you see, online bra shopping in Pakistan is no easy feat. You got to know which e-stores you can trust and which ones you need to avoid. As far as an e-store for undergarments that provides excellent value for the money we spend is concerned, I have a name for you and it’s GirlNine. Shop their bras and trust me you will become their loyal customer and fan for life.

Nighties from GirlNine and GirlNine only

Now don’t we all aspire to look like an exotic dream for our partners? And they want the same too. For that, you need glowing skin, toned body, beautiful outfits etc. But what you need the most are stunning and sensual nighty dresses. Meet Barbara, Brand’s all lace super comfortable, seductive and stretchable nighty. She is sexy. She is sizzling. And she has been designed to make you an effortless queen of the night. Check her out on GirlNine’s e-store.



If you are into deep v-necks, GirNine’s Flirty is the ultimate sizzling, sensuous and gorgeous girls’ nightdress and it comes with matching panties to complete your exotic look. Besides Barbara and Flirty, It has other lovely options waiting to be discovered by you. Go check them out.

Body shapers – Perfect and Just Perfect

For me, a perfect body shaper is soft, flexible and breathable. You wear it, yet you don’t feel like you are wearing something additional underneath your clothes. It enhances your natural curves. Augments your beautiful bodies. Reduces your waistline or thighs or both. Its soft and delicate material enables breathability.

If you are looking for an amazing body shaper for women, look no further. It has got it for you. Pay the e-store a visit and prepare to be wowed by its offerings.


Ladies, be it beautiful and sensual bras, sexy and appealing nightdresses or seamless and perfect body shapers, It has got you covered on all fronts. All you got to do is pick up your gadget, load its website, surf through its intimates section, pick your favorites, buy them (without any doubts, trust me!), use them and become their loyal customer for life. Hope you have a good day and happy shopping in advance. 

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