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Tops for Women: 8 Essential Styles for Every Fashionista

Women love to shop and overflow their wardrobes with different t-shirts and blouses. But when it comes to fashion, less is more.

You don’t need more clothes to look stylish, you need the right ones. Also, going with the trend is paramount when upscaling your fashion game. This article covers the essential tops for women that will make your wardrobe resemble that of a fashionista. 

1.   Classic T-Shirts 

Talking about essential tops and missing T-shirts? That’s not possible. 

Classic tees are an all-season, all-day wear for men and women of all ages. It makes the foundation of any wardrobe, especially if it is a plain white or black tee.

These plain colors are the most versatile yet classy women tops you can have. You can wear them on top, under a blazer or shirt, or as a stand-alone for an outgoing look. 

Other than blacks and whites, striped t-shirts are the new ins. These look modern as well as classic paired with jeans or chinos. Neutral and pastels like beige and olive green are another option. The graphic tees are ideal for a cool summer party, but they are not so much trending nowadays.   

graphic Half Sleeves tops for women

2.   Tank Tops 

Tank tops are the 90s heart-throb that are still equally popular. These provide a classy and timeless look when you go out and about looking bold and beautiful.

Commonly, you will find tank tops for women in plain black or white. There is nothing wrong with them, yet, you can add a little style by choosing pop colors and fittings. These are actually the sexy tops for women perfect for a girl’s summer trip. 

3.   White Button Down

Now let’s pick a top for a professional look; a classic white button-down. This crisp and finely stitched shirt looks great on all women and with different pairings. 

You may think it’s just for formal events, but it’s not true at all. You can grab a button-down shirt at dinner dates, semi-casual parties, and even outings. It all falls on what bottoms you choose.

For instance, a white button-down paired with a green skirt looks ravishing for meetups and summer gatherings. Similarly, a blazer on top and chinos on the bottom makes you ready to deliver a business presentation.  

4.   Tunic Tops 

Tunic women tops are the perfect summer staple for various events. These are loosely fitted frocks that fall on hips, resembling Kurtis. 

Tunic tops are available in several prints, colors, and designs. You can find plain tunics, overall minimal printed, or ones with floral patterns. For girls who like to mix the touch of traditional and Western styles, tunics are the obvious choice.  

5.   Crop Tops 

As the name suggests, crop tops are cropped horizontally. These sexy women tops are the go-to garment if you wish to flaunt your effortlessly ideal curves. 

Crop tops come in several colors and style options. Some come with ribbons, front closures, and others with a baggy look. In every variety, one thing is common: an alluring look. You can pair crop tops with jeans, shorts, skirts, or even trousers.  

6.   Traditional Kurtis 

The Asian culture is all about unique clothes brimming with colors and prints. Pakistani and Indian Kurtis resemble tunics except that they are longer. 

These tops can be printed, embroidered, or plain. The fabric can be anything from breathable cotton to an alluring net and cozy velvet. Thus, the event and type of occasion vary with the style of the Kurtis. You can wear it with cotton trousers, jeans, or even leggings. 

7.   Baggy Top 

If you are bored with shirts clinging to your curves, you may need a baggy shirt.

Baggy shirts are the ideal tops for women with a plus-sized figure. Paired together with skinny jeans or leggings, it balances the shape to make a perfect silhouette. 

baggy tops for women

8.   Blazer

A fitted blazer on top of a white classic tee can make your look on most days. Dark, checkered ones with the front open are the 2023 trendy designs in women's blazers. 

Oversized blazers are a modern thing most women love. They give a more semi-formal look and suggest you have a great fashion sense. Women in late adulthood love to bring out their sophistication with long blazers.  

Wear Your Style with Versatile Tops for Women

The first rule of being a fashionista is knowing trendy styles. Our guide to trending versatile tops for women will cover most of your fashion questions. So, set your wardrobe like that of a fashion icon by cross-checking with these essential tops. 

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