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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Panties: Comfort, Style, and Fit

Ladies, let’s admit, the choice of underwear can greatly impact our mood for the day.

Physical and mental comfort are the two things essential for a happy life. We can’t say anything about the mental peace here, but surely tell you that physical peace comes from the right choice of panties. It translates to comfort, peace, and relaxation.

Style, fabric, and panty type matter when going underwear shopping. To know how to consider each factor for choosing the best product, read along to this comprehensive guide.

Why Does Underwear Type Matter? 

Undergarments are more of a personal choice and vary from person to person. However, you can’t decide what’s best for you if you don’t know the difference between each panty type. That’s why knowing every style, its characteristics, and its purpose is necessary.

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The true one will make you feel calm and self-assured. It will enhance your self-esteem and make you feel happy in your own skin. The fitting will provide the necessary support to your body and cover your essentials.

Underwear also reflects hygiene. The wrong material for your skin type can irritate your body or cause rashes. Especially for everyday wear, ensure you choose the best hygienic girls panties.

First and Foremost: Know Your Size 

It may sound obvious, but common sense mostly skips it.

If your underwear doesn’t fit you properly, it simply won’t do the job. It won’t support, cover, protect, and definitely, won’t be comfortable. Know your body measurements to find your perfect fit. Make sure you always check the size chart before placing an order online.  

Waist Measurement: Measure from the highest point of your waist around using a measuring tape. Not down your waistline.

Hips Measurement: Measure around the fuller parts of your hips and note down your hip size. This measurement is not commonly used in Pakistan.  

Next: Choose the Right Fabric

  • Cotton 

Cotton is the ideal fabric choice for panties for girls. It is lightweight and breathable, deeming it perfect for hot and humid days. The airy material prevents moisture build-up, limits bacterial growth, and keeps you relaxed. That’s why cotton panties are perfect for daily hygiene and comfort.

  • Spandex

Spandex is the material that gives elasticity to a product. Pure spandex underwear is not used, however, cotton-spandex blends are perfectly stretchable for everyday wear. It does not limit your body’s movements and keeps it flexible.

  • Lace/Silk

Lace or silk panties are the most alluring panties for exciting days. Grab them on the days when you are feeling sensual or for special nights. Remember that these fabrics may not be comfortable for daily wear. Especially lace can be extremely irritating, so ensure you buy from a reliable brand like GirlNine.

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Finally: Deciding the Types of Panties

Panties types revolve around personal choices and body needs. The most common ones that cover most body types are as follows;


Thong panties provide moderate to minimum coverage. They are a type of lingerie for special occasions or for party dresses. Many celebrities choose thongs as their go-to undies for premiers and red carpets. It enhances the curly shape of your butt, making it look alluring.

Best for: Tight dresses, skirts, party wear, summer outings, weddings, and honeymoons.  

Bikini-Style Panties 

This type of panty for women provides moderate coverage. As the name suggests, bikini panties are ideal for beach days and summer outings. They are available in several unique styles, colors, and prints. Women usually wear bikinis as a standalone garment or under frocks and skirts.

Best for: Wedding nights, clubs, honeymoon, beach days, holidays, parties.  

Hipster Panties 

Hipster panties are for ladies who are not satisfied with the coverage of bikinis and thongs. These provide a little more than moderate coverage, are lightweight, and are perfect for running everyday chores. They look nice on low-rise pants and skirts.

Best for: Daily wear, underneath skirts, dresses, low-rise pants.


If you want to go for good-coverage panties, briefs are for you. These girls’ panties provide optimum support and cover most of your essentials. They are ideal daily panties for all ladies who like some support. Works well under high-rise jeans and trousers

Best for: Everyday wear, mild physical activity, yoga, and outings.  


Boy Shorts

These panties resemble those of men, so the name. Boy short provides maximum coverage to the sides, hips, and waist. These are ideal for protecting your body and giving it maximum support, like days of high physical activity.   

Best for: Gym, sports, jogging, yoga, dance, and as standalone shorts under dresses.   

Choosing the Right Panties - Summary 

Now that you know different panties types, their purpose, and their ideal usage, we believe you can easily decide the best one for your next event. Briefs and hipsters provide optimum support for daily wear, while thongs and bikinis are minimum coverage, sensual lingerie types. Boyshorts are perfect standalone panties for gym and active days.

You can find each of these types in different colors and designs at Our collection of panties for girls presents the most comfortable fabrics. Measure your size, get quality panties online, and be more comfortable than ever!

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