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The Best Summer Lingerie for Women – 2023 Lingerie Trends

Summers can be annoying, especially with all the sweat conditions going on. The hot and humid weather even irritates us to the point that we want to scrap off all our clothes. We can’t do so, right? But what we CAN do is choose airy fabric to minimize the congestion and irritability. 

Ladies' intimates can be the item of concern on such occasions. What you need to do is choose the right fabric and article type for the hot weather. Don’t know what to get? Worry not, refer to this guide for a detailed view of the best lingerie for women in summer. 

The Best Intimates Bras For Summer

  • Strapless Bra

Strapless bras do not have straps. They have additional padding underneath that prevents the bra from slipping down. Strapless bras are the ideal summer staple for being airy and convenient. Also, they suit all kinds of dresses, especially summer outfits that are mostly off-shoulder and wide-neck. Get rid of the straps that do nothing good but build up extra sweat underneath.

  • Bra With Removable Straps 

These are usually multi-option bras that can be worn in multiple ways. It is best suited for summer and its versatile outfits. Wear it under crop tops, off-shoulders, backless, or cross-body frocks, it won’t make a bulge. Besides, you can also remove the straps from this item to make a strapless one.

  • Bombshell Bralette

Bralettes come with laces and seams and are tight-fitted for thin outfits. You can wear it under summer tops and T-shirts for a neat look. They are more like full-coverage blouses and look like crop tops.

  • Half-Cup Bras 

As the name indicates, half-cup bras cover half of your bust. They make a sharp neckline and are ideal for plunging dresses. The half coverage and half exposure give a perfect balance between comfort and style. It is airy, comfortable, and ideal for cute summer dresses.

  • Sports Bra

Sports bras are made to deal with excess sweat and moisture that results in summer. They have moisture-wicking properties and provide full coverage. You can wear under thin dresses, when going for a jog, doing yoga, or dance, or any such activity that makes more sweat.

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The Best Panties For Summers

  • Boyshorts

If you are all in for comfort and coverage, opt for boyshorts. These are fully-covered panties that fall over your butt cheeks for a complete fit. You can use them daily but they are especially ideal if you are wearing some very thin material bottoms to provide the cover-up needed. You can find these ladies' panties in different prints and colors.  

  • Bikini Panties

These are not worn as individual clothing like bikinis but under the clothes. The name bikini only indicates the style and form of this underwear for women. These are loungewear and ideal under relaxed clothes. You can find them in a mix of cotton and spandex fabric. 

  • Low-Rise Hipsters

The mid-way between bikini and boyshorts comes the hipsters. They are neither full coverage ones like shorts nor too limited like bikinis. Hipsters are available in different colors and sizes. Made with breathable fabrics, they are soft and super stretchable. Many ladies prefer these as their go-to summer panties for everyday use. 


Tips For Choosing Your Summer Lingerie For Women 

  • Always go for comfort over fashion
  • layer with slips and camisoles to prevent the sweat marks
  • Only wear full-coverage undergarments when necessary
  • purchase from the right brand to get quality fabric
  • Don’t limit yourself to blacks, experiment with different colors
  • Practice with a multi-way bra to rock a strapless one
  • Stock a dozen of bras and panties to change every day
  • Instead of going 100% cotton, go with a mixed fabric for both comfort and style

What Fabric Should I Choose for Ladies’ Undergarments? 

Summer clothes are all about being breathable and airy. Your undergarments are attached closer to your skin, increasing humidity and congestion in summer. Thus, you require fabrics that let as much air pass through.

Natural fabrics like cotton and silk are the best choice for humid weather. Modal and polyamide are other substitutes for cotton. These are more stretchable, extremely breathable, and don’t burl like cotton.

another thing we would recommend is to find your perfect size. Consider getting one size larger undergarments to let the air pass through easily. After all, nobody wants any sweat or sebum in the lingerie area!


When doing lingerie online shopping for summer, keep in mind the upcoming hot conditions. As our clothes wardrobe is different for hot and cold weather, so should our undergarments. To help you out, we have listed the best summer bras, panties, and lingerie for women for a sweat-free season.

You can buy these items at various online stores in Pakistan like Girl Nine. Lastly, keep some tips in mind, and don’t forget to opt for a breathable fabric for ladies’ undergarments.

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