Lightweight and Breezy Tank Tops

Summer Essentials: Lightweight and Breezy Tank Tops

Ah, summer is finally here! But wait, summer? You mean the season that brings scorching heat and constant sweat?  That does not sound nice at all. So, why are we so excited for it?

Well, there are a lot of reasons. Starting off with ice cream, we can eat as much as we want. Secondly, summer is all about spending time on the beach or just having a relaxed time in the pool with your favourite drink.

Tank Tops,

The list doesn’t end there, of course. But do you really know the part that really makes summer better for all the women out there? If you haven't guessed it yet, the answer is: tank tops!

That’s right. A tank top is all you need to stop yourself from feeling hot and bothered all season. 

Tank Top as a Summer Wardrobe Essential

There are new fashion trends every year, but tank tops always manage to retain their position. They are made up of a lightweight and breathable material, which is probably why they are so popular during the summer. 

The great thing about this garment is that you can wear it whenever and wherever. You haven’t figured out what to wear to the beach. Put on a tank top. Your workout clothes are in the laundry. No problem; wear a tank top to the gym.

A sudden plan for lunch with your friends? A tank top will help you achieve a cool, casual look! Nowadays, you will see numerous options around you. The tank tops this season are quite diverse, with different styles and colours. Some of them fit right into the description of a stylish top.

So, what types of tank tops are available these days, and how can we style them perfectly?

Athletic Tank Tops | women tops

Athletic Tank Top

An athletic tank top has built-in support for women, making it more secure. If you are a bit on the sporty side, then you definitely need this in your wardrobe. Since these tank tops are specifically designed for sports activities and working out, the fabric is quite stretchable and comfortable. 

The tight fit of this tank top ensures that women feel secure at all times, whether on or off the field. 

Styling Ideas:

As these tank tops are mostly used for athletic purposes, here is how you can style them:

  • Put on an athletic tank top.
  • Pair it with any bottom, like sweatpants, shorts, or track pants.
  • Wear running shoes.

western wear | Backless Tank Top

Backless Tank Top

As the name suggests, this top has little to no back. It is a bit different than the usual tank tops, as it is perceived to be more elegant.  You can wear it for a night out or at evening parties, depending on the fabric. 

For example, a backless tank top made of lace material with a little lace strap on the back means you can wear it out to the club. It gives off hot girl vibes, and we are so in for it!

Styling Ideas:

If you are going out with your friends in a backless tank top, here is what you can do:

  • Put on a fancy backless tank top.
  • You can either wear a skirt or pants with it.
  • Pair it up with heels or boots.

Halter Tank Tops

The halter-neck style went into vogue back in the 1990s and has stayed on the trendy list for a very long time.

The summer of 2023 is no different, as halter tank tops are still rocking. This particular tank top’s straps meet around your neck and do not go all the way to your shoulders. It is a neat style that can be worn as a casual outfit, and it is also suitable for parties.

Styling Ideas:

A halter tank top can be styled in various ways. Here is one such option:

  • Wear a gorgeous halter tank top.
  • Pair it with silk pants, denim, or a skirt.
  • Put on some boots for a sassy look.

women tops | tunics | Printed Tank Tops

Printed Tank Tops

How can one make a tank top better? By adding colours and prints! Women’s tops certainly look more beautiful when there is a dash of colour on them. 

Tie-dye, polka dots, and floral print tops are like a splash of colour in this dark, grey world. The best part is that they also don’t look like the typical black and white tank tops that we see everywhere.

Styling Ideas:

Styling a printed tank top sounds like a fun thing to do. Here is one way you can complete your outfit:

  • Get a beautiful printed tank top.
  • Wear either jeans or formal pants.
  • Put on some high heels.
  • Lastly, pair it up with a watch and a crossbody bag.

Double-Layer Tank Tops

Double-layer tank tops have joined the list of fashionable tops for womenThe name tells you everything there is to it. The two or more layers are what make this tank top so different from the rest. 

The fabric is generally cotton, silk, or chiffon. The extra fluff in the tank top ensures that it is suitable for all body types.

Styling Ideas:

Keep reading if you want to know how to style it!

  • Pick out a chiffon double-layer tank top for the best look.
  • Pair it with denim shorts.
  • Wear a pair of sandals.
  • A handbag is a must for the finished look.

ladies tops | Turtleneck Tank Top | women shirts

Turtleneck Tank Top

Are you one of those people who misses wearing turtlenecks in the summer? Usually, turtlenecks are worn during the winter season. But worry not, because now you can still get the sexy look with a turtleneck tank top.

Is it breathable? The answer would be yes. And does it give you the same fabulous turtleneck look? A hundred times yes! Our advice would be to wear it on any of the cool days of this summer and spring season.

Styling Ideas:

Coming up with an outfit for a turtleneck tank top is not that hard. But since we have gotten this far, here is how you can style it:

  • Get your hands on a turtleneck tank top.
  • Put on some ripped jeans for an edgy look.
  • For shoes, pumps with low heels will do just the trick.
  • Lastly, add a bag, of course.

girls tops | Basic White Tank Top |  tops for girls

Basic White Tank Top

One can never really go mistaken with an elementary white tank top. That is why, ladies, this essential top should be hanging inside your wardrobe at all times.  It is literally going to be a lifesaver when you have nothing else to wear. 

Depending on the fabric, these tank tops can be worn in a casual or formal setting, as they go with pretty much everything. Moreover, there are multiple options for you to choose from, and we are sure you will find just the right size, style, and design for yourself. 

Styling Ideas:

As mentioned above, a basic white tank top has the power to look good with everything. However, here is a styling option just in case:

  • Put on a basic white tank top.
  • Pair it with either cargo pants, joggers, or jeans.
  • Get a neat pair of moccasins.

Wrapping it Up

Maybe summer won’t be as bad as we thought since we have some wonderful tank tops to look forward to! Sureness comes from how easy you are with yourself. In this case, tank tops will provide you with just the right level of comfort.

We hope this guide will help you learn all about the different kinds of tank tops and their styling options. 

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