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Stick-On Bra – A Beginners Guide to Wearing it Properly

Are padded, strapped bras not doing for your summer outfits? A stick-on bra may be the solution you need!

This latest lingerie bra category has become trendy within months of peeking into the market. And honestly, there’s nothing that can stop these bras. The carefree, airy experience is what every girl has been striving for years!

If you can’t even go halfway through the summer with the traditional padded bras, we suggest giving our silicone or stick-on bras a chance. The only way it can be problematic is if you don’t use it properly. So, let’s eliminate that option.

What Is a Stick-On Bra?

 It’s in the name! A stick-on bra sticks to your breasts without the support of pads or straps. Also known as a sticky, adhesive, or silicone bra, it provides the same coverage and a smooth finish as a traditional bra, sometimes even better. The material is usually silicone gel that is smooth and free from bumps or patterns.

This seamless non padded bra is the go-to for backless, off-shoulder, and deep-neck dresses. Besides, it makes the best summer staple for a sweat-free breezy feeling. You can wear it every day under t-shirts or save it for special outfits and night events. You can find stick-on bras in almost every girl’s closet.

How To Wear a Stick-On Bra Properly 

Step 1: Clean the Area

Before you start with the stickers, you must clean the breast area completely. Use a gentle soap to remove any oils or dirt on your skin and dry your skin completely. Do not apply any oils, cologne, or powders on the bra area. It will cause problems with sticking.

Step 2: Correct Your Symmetry

It is a nightmare to have your breasts in different positions. This is especially possible with strapless bras due to independent cups. You can ensure both cups are symmetrical by standing against a wall. Get a mirror in front and apply your stickers.

Step 3: One Cup at a Time

Start off with one cup first and turn it inside out. Place the center of the cups at the center of your breasts. apply a little pressure till the cup stick firmly. Now repeat the same with the other cup.

Remember to run your fingers through the cups to remove all the wrinkles or creases first. This is essential to get a seamless finish.

Step 4: Try Different Angles 

one magical benefit of stick-on bras is that they can fit a variety of styles. For instance, if you are wearing a deep neck, you can stick the cups on the sides to make a prominent cleavage. similarly, you can make your breasts look fuller by using this strapless bra upwards.

How To Remove and Clean a Silicon Bra 

Once you are done rocking the event, remove the silicone bra cups slowly. Use your fingers to peel off the stickers from top to bottom. It will be smooth and won’t leave a residue.

It’s better if you wash your strapless cups after every use. To do so, simply place them under running warm water and use a gentle soap. Do not scratch the sticky area with anything sharp. Let them air dry naturally.

Are There Any Side Effects of a Silicone Bra? 

Some unreliable brands use poor-quality silicone to make these bras. This can cause skin irritation, especially in women with sensitive skin. Also, the glue they use may also not be skin-friendly. It can further lead to the risk of rashes and infections. That’s why you should always buy silicone bra online from reliable companies like Girl Nine.

How Long Do Stick-On Bras Last?

Our stick-on bras last 30 to 50 days. However, keep in mind that it all depends on how you care for it. Ensure you store and clean it the right way. Also, the glue will wear off early if you get it wet. So, don’t jump into a pool wearing a stick-on bra.


A stick-on or silicone bra is a strapless backless bra that goes with different kinds of dresses. They relieve the burden of wires, pads, hooks, and straps. Even after so many benefits, some women avoid stick-on bras just for their not-so-traditional application. With this simple guide, you can wear these transparent bra styles on hot days and be worry-free every day.

Make sure you buy quality strapless bra online in Pakistan to keep yourself safe from their side effects. Girl Nine offers the best quality silicone bra at the best rates. We have a range of products in this category so you can choose the one most suitable for your body.

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