Shop Till You Drop as Girl Nine Offers 74% Off!

Shop Till You Drop as Girl Nine Offers 74% Off!

Ready for the biggest sale of the year?!

Girl Nine has just announced it's up to 74% off Azadi Sale on all its premium products! 

You must have seen many brands taking the sale route this Independence Day. Today, while passing from outside one of the busiest areas in the city, I saw all sorts of brands, beginning from shoes to pret wear, as well as electronics, introducing sales on their products. And this relief for the customers is much needed.  After the outbreak of Covid-19, customers, as well as the economy, are in need of such initiatives to give them a much-needed push. 

However, there are some points that make the Girl Nine Azadi Sale super special for the ladies. 


Home to one of the best lingerie collections, beginning from sports, padded, cotton, push up, t-shirt bras as well as top of the line nightwear collection. Girl Nine spoils us with choices by upgrading and adding new varieties regularly. Recently the brand has added a whole new collection of bags and footwear, as well as the much-needed maternity collection.

Take the hot bra panty set Gleam for example. Originally priced at Rs 2,499, this product is selling for Rs 750 ONLY in the Azadi Sale. Daisy, our all favorite crossbody bag, was originally priced at Rs 2,300 but its price during the Azadi sale is Rs 1,499. And not to forget Secret, which we all love! It is selling for Rs 1,199.


Secondly, Girl Nine offers free delivery. Yes, you got that right. Delivery is free all over Pakistan for all orders. This is an amazing feat and deserves a round of applause as not many brands have announced free deliveries. The reason being, as the demand for delivery companies and riders have gone up, the cost has also gone up. The increasing fuel prices have also not helped the cause. 

free delivery

 We reached out to the CEO, Afrah Abdul Rehman, to know the company’s thoughts behind this initiative. 

“This was definitely a very tough decision. But since day one, Girl Nine has been a customer-centric brand. Customers add value to our brand and it is natural that what they want is what we have to deliver. Azadi Sale and free deliveries is a decision that we took only for our customers, not for ourselves. We hope that the customers can purchase everything they want at prices they love and also enjoy free delivery while doing it.” 


Girl Nine was founded on the idea of setting up a safe and secure shopping place for women so that they can shop for all their favorite products from the comfort of their homes. This idea could only be actualized with an all-women team. Girl Nine has an all-women customer support team that is available to help and guide the customers as they make their purchases during this sale.

The team guides customers on bra sizing, bra types, shoes, nightwear collection, as well as material and pricing. 

 What makes this stand out is their grasp on the product type and variants. This sets them apart from many other online brands that are operational in Pakistan. These ladies know their job! 

 So while you are making your decision to shop, don’t forget to check out Girl Nine. You will find everything you want and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

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