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Perfume Shopping Guide: Tips for Choosing the Best Perfume for Women

Every happened that you accidentally found a perfect scent, but it got lost in the sea of perfume categories? You are not alone.

The huge collection of branded perfumes for women has made finding your signature scent pretty difficult. Sometimes, we just pick the one that will do the job. But several days later, we didn’t like it at all.

If that happens to you often, you need a perfume shopping guide. Consider yourself lucky as Girl Nine brings this straightforward guide to finding the best perfume for women. Scroll down and learn all the way!

Knowing Your Scent Family 

To begin with, you need to know the scent families.

There are four primary perfume categories, each with distinct smell and features. Distinguishing between them can help you get a head start in finding the best perfume for women.

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Floral is one of the most popular and commonly used women's fragrances. As the name suggests, they smell like flowers freshly cut. They represent summer freshness and spring outbreak. The fruity scent is a subfamily of the floral category.

Examples: Rose & Jasmine


Freshness is all about being light, happy, and peaceful. That’s exactly what this scent family is about. Fresh scents are bright and light on the mind. This family is the most versatile one as they are found paired with different categories and sub-categories. Herby or Green, aquatic, and citric scents fall in its sub-families.

Examples: Lemon & Ocean


You may already tell this family apart from wood-like scents. Woody fragrances are incense-like, warm, and sometimes dry. The pure ones may be too warm or dry, so fresh tones are added to tone them down.

Examples: Sandalwood and patchouli


Oriental perfumes are exotic. They resemble hot spices and herbs and are considered an alluring perfume. These scents are too sharp, so amber or similar notes are added to make them lighter.

Examples: Vanilla & Anise

Choosing the Right Perfume for Women – Step-By-Step 

Once you understand the different scent families and decide on the one you love, the next step is exploring perfumes for ladies in Pakistan. Here, to bag the best product, ask yourself some relevant questions.  

What’s Your Mood? 

Okay, hear me out, your current mood should NOT choose the perfume you want. The mood is one thing that never stays constant.

Instead of listening to the at-the-moment feelings, ponder on your personality. Are you more of an outgoing individual, an introverted lady, or a happy-go-lucky person? Decide and make the choice accordingly.    

Where Are You Going? 

The occasion type can mold your perfume choice. Just like it’s inappropriate to wear casual shorts at the office, certain scents don’t go with a particular event.

Night Events – For evening or night events like parties, date nights, and dinners, choose strong and lasting scents like oriental or woody.

Daytime Activities – Holidays, picnics, or lunches resonate light and carefree feeling. Fresh, citric, or floral scents suit these activities just perfectly.

Work or Business Meetings – Although it varies with your field of work, fresh and woody scents perfectly serve the purpose of professional attire.

What Does It Smell Like?

We know that’s the whole point of perfume shopping. Still, some ladies don’t apply the right perfume testing techniques.

Firstly, it’s better to test a scent on a card rather than your skin. Your skin type and body chemistry can affect how a fragrance smells like. Secondly, don’t overwhelm your senses with branded perfumes in Pakistan. Check a maximum of three perfumes to perfectly distinguish the best one among them.

Lastly, you can ask for assistance from the experts once you know your scent family and event type. The testing step gets skipped in online perfume shopping, but reliable stores like Girl Nine provide 24/7 customer support assistance.

What’s The Base Note? 

If you wish to find the best perfume for women, you must know its base note. The base note starts showing after 10 minutes and may be completely different from the immediate two notes.

When you are testing perfumes, keep them for a time and sniff again after 10 minutes. This is the base scent that will last the longest. So, you may not want to skip this step.

How Long Will the Scent Last? 

If you want your scent to last all day, go for a concentrated option. Here you need to understand perfume types. Eau de toilette is the lighter of all. It has a lesser perfume oil concentration and lasts for a couple of hours.

The second one is Eau de parfum, which lasts for up to 6 hours and is the most common in Pakistan. That’s why the eau de parfum price is lower. Lastly, we have Perfume/Parfum, which lasts the longest as the most concentrated option.

Some Additional Tips to Make the Right Choice 

  • After the evening, our sense of smell is strong. Go perfume shopping at this time
  • Consult with the sales experts to narrow down your list
  • Instead of applying it to your wrist, test the fragrance on a card
  • Don’t try unlimited perfumes at a time – three is a good number
  • Sniff coffee beans to avoid sensory overload
  • Go with your instincts to find the best scent rather than going after trends
  • Consider your skin type as oily skin retains fragrance


In conclusion, know that the world of perfumes is vast and full of incredible scents. Each category can evoke emotions and memories and impact how people perceive your personality. By understanding fragrance families, considering the occasion, testing perfumes the right way, and seeking expert advice, you can confidently select the best perfume for women. Go through our additional tips and bag your signature scent in a minute.

Finding Your Signature Scent with Girl Nine 

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