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Lingerie Shopping: Common Problems that Women Face In Stores

There is nothing more satisfying than lingerie shopping, if done right. Even though the whole process can be tedious and tiring, it turns out to be very rewarding in the end. With most women, it is considered a rite of passage that every woman must go through in the pursuit of finding the one style and size that fits. For some women, finding that perfect fit and right choice is so difficult that they spend almost all of their lives trying to escape the experience until they just cant!

Some of the most common problems faced by women when they visit stores to shop for lingerie are:

Hidden Cameras

If you’ve ever visited a changing room in a shopping mall or a lingerie store, you know that the first thing you look at is not the mirror for your reflection. It’s the walls for hidden cameras! Shocking but equally true is the fact that it does happen. There are countless incidents where footage from such hidden cameras have leaked online and victims harassed and ridiculed for a lifetime. As a woman in Pakistan, you can never be careful enough regarding these incidents and when it comes to lingerie shopping, this problem can have widespread impacts!

The Looks

This is another multidimensional problem with lingerie shopping. Women in Pakistan are afraid to ask for help from the agents that are selling the lingerie or the shop employees and customer service representatives. In the rare cases that they do ask for the required help, the stealthy glances and the weird looks are embarrassing enough. In local markets, the salesperson are mostly men and even if they’re women, you can forget asking about the slightly raunchy red lingerie you had decided to treat yourself with.  

Size Issues

If you’re new to lingerie shopping and don’t have your size down pat then you’re in for another issue. The tired and cranky salesperson might try to give you a few options but their patience wears thin. Oftentimes, women end up buying lingerie just because they felt intimidated and embarrassed to keep asking for a different size. Other times, you barely hold the salesperson’s attention long enough to get to the sizing issue. A few articles are flung your way while they point towards the changing room.

Lack of Variety

Most of us would agree that lingerie stores usually just have two types of bras. The foam padded bra ones or if you feel a little ‘exotic’, out comes the Thailand/Chinese variety plastic bag. There are not a lot of options to choose from and even more than that, if you finally end up choosing something, they are usually short on sizes.

Awkward Sales Tactics

Sometimes, the salesperson is so set on what they think you should get that the sales tactics turn awkward for everyone involved. You might try to tell them that you wanted something else but they would go to all resorts to prove you wrong. Telling them off politely is a tough order then!

The Checkout

If you escaped from all the other listed situations somehow, this last one is bound to happen to you. The person at the checkout counter will take years to get to your order and when they finally do, there is that ‘too discreet’ look that he will give you as you pass on your purchase. And no one can help you find words if he casually just asks what the item in the covered bag is!

These are just a few of the problems or troubles that women encounter when they go on a lingerie shopping spree. You know what, you can skip all this nonsense and order lingerie from the comfort of your home. At Girl Nine, Pakistan’s fastest growing lingerie brand, you and your choices matter. Choose your bra, talk to our staff, order it, and get it delivered in discreet packaging at your doorstep. Don’t like it? Exchange it! No questions asked. Lingerie shopping doesn’t get better!

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