How to measure your bra size

How to measure your bra size

If we say that finding the right bra size is a very uncomfortable and frustrating experience, you will nod your head in agreement. This is also the reason why many women stick to their old bras long after they have worn out. Yes, they are familiar and cozy BUT the thought of re-measuring your breasts and fearing that one might go wrong, is also an important factor in not buying a new lingerie bra

But GirlNine is here to put an end to this suffering. Follow our simple guideline and feel great in a new and comfortable bra that suits you best. 

What you will need: A bra and a measuring tape

STEP 1: Measure band

Wearing a bra that you are most comfortable in, take a tight measurement around your ribcage in centimeters, directly under your breasts. Note this band measurement.

STEP 2: Measure bust size

Take a full measurement of your bust size over the fullest part of your bosom in centimeters. Note this bust measurement.  


STEP 3: Get difference 

Subtract bust measurement from band measurement and get the differenceUse band measurement to choose your size from 32 to 42 and use the difference to select the right cup. 

How do you know if your bra is the perfect fit

Finding the right bra is like falling in love. You will know when it happens. However, here are some tips from experts which can guide you: 

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