How to make your bra last longer

How to make your bra last longer

It's been centuries since women started wearing bras and one would think that they would have figured out how to make them last longer. But that is not the case. Finding a right Pakistani bra is very difficult and once you have solved this mystery, you might as well take steps and measures to make it last for as long as it can. 


Washing your bra the right way can make or break it. It is even possible that the way you are washing your bra is causing a lot of damage to it. A leading lingerie expert says that lingerie uses soft fibres and elastics that can deteriorate because of hot water, direct sunlight, a spinner or an iron. Furthermore, strong chemicals and detergents such as bleach, also damage a bra beyond repair. Washing a bra too often can destroy the fabric and washing it infrequently can result in oil stains from skin, lotions, perfumes, and creams that are impossible to remove. It is better to hand-wash your bra in light detergent and then air-dry them in the shade. Also make sure that your bra is hooked so that it doesn’t snag at anything. It is best to wash your bra every two to five wears, depending on how much you sweat, and also on if you have sensitive skin. It is also extremely essential to keep a bra rotation because the elastic needs time to breathe to get back in shape. 


You should also be very careful when you are storing your bras. Line them up one cup into the next to prevent crushing the bra or tearing delicate lace with the hooks. You can also use Girl Nine’s bra storage Also, the best, fun way to extend your bra life is to have enough of them. Create a collection and it will actually minimize the wear and tear because of frequent washing. You’ll have enough to wear them for a longer rotation. Be adventurous! Why just limit yourself to the same old cotton bra? Go for seamless comfort of Absolute or the perfect fit of our luxury collection. Girl Nine bra collection will surely impress you. We don’t realize it but we are limiting ourselves by not working on our bra wardrobe. However, if we make some slight changes, we can drastically improve the lifespan of our bras which we love. 

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