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How to Choose the Right Maternity and Nursing Bra: Tips That Experts Swear by!

How to find the right maternity bra you ask. Why is it so difficult you ask. Why can’t they just make good lingerie for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers you ask. Why does life have to be so difficult, you ask.

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Apart from the answer to the last question, here I am back with research to help you find a good maternity bra online at great price. These are the tips that experts swear by. The scene is that either you are expecting a little human to exit you soon or you have just produced a new human and your body is in trauma and now you have to feed it as well.

That’s why you are on the hunt to find a good maternity nursing bra that is comfortable and stylish as well. I wish I could help you and relieve you of some of the burden you are carrying but to tell you the truth, there is nobody in the world apart from you, yourself who understands how painful breastfeeding is and how much your back hurts.

Where you might feel that there is nobody to share your burden, let me help you with some tips to choose the right maternity bra. This is Girl Nine, offering its support and love to you in whichever way we can. 

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So back to how we choose the right type of bra, let me give you a brief history round-up. Even though the official record of a ‘maternity bra’ exists from the 18th century, the first patent for a nursing bra was obtained in 1943. You’d think that little humans have been feeding since Adam descended on Earth but it took humanity all these thousands of years to feel the need to facilitate the lives of women.

This brings me back to the point I made earlier that you and only you can understand the trouble and the misery you are in and you and only can get yourself out of it by purchasing the right bra! 

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 Maternity bra from 1872

So what should you look for in a maternity bra?

Your breasts are probably tender and very painful if you are expecting. So common sense states that the bra you choose should be soft and stretchable. Look at Girl Nine’s Nourish for example. It is very soft, made of pure cotton, and also comes with detachable straps so you can wear it when you enter the nursing phase. 

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So, the number 1 tip the experts swear by is choose a bra with soft and stretchable cups to accommodate the size change. Bras which give you room will also give you supreme comfort and support. 

 Another thing that lends support to our changing sizes during pregnancy is extra rows of hook and eye closure at the back. Look at Girl Nine Nurture, for example. It has super comfortable and stretchable fabric and comes with three hook and eye back closure levels to accommodate your expanding ribcage during pregnancy and after. 

 One more thing that you should be looking at is cups that have soft lining, seamless or smooth seamed, or are even moulded. This will prevent painful rub against the nipple, all the while giving your breast the perfect support that they need. Over here, I’d very highly recommend Girl Nine Trust. God it is comfortable! Give it a look:

Nourish Bra


So ladies, these short but really important tips will help you make the right decision and you will hopefully, your maternity and nursing bra issues will be sorted out pretty well. What is your take on a good maternity bra? Where did you get them from?

 Do give Girl Nine a try! We offer quick delivery, easy exchange and great, all female customer service from experts. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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