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How to Choose a Good Shapewear: a Simple, Quick Guide for Beginners

Shapewear are game changer. They change the way you look, they change the way you feel, and they also change the way you think. That is a lot that a single piece of dress can do and this is precisely why you should invest in one. Body shapers for women are magic and they can rock your world. As they rightly say, a body shaper is a real-life Photoshop for your body.

However, with the current popularity and fame of this wonder-garment, there comes a problem as well. There are so many types, sizes, and colors available that it is very difficult to decide which one to choose.  However, here we are, back with our simple, quick guides that can make your life so much more easy.

Our simple, quick guide to choose the best shapewear has been developed after a lot of R&D on what the Pakistani women want and their fashion preferences. If you want the best body shapers online or whether you are looking for the best tummy shapers at great price, our super guide will make choosing the right shapewear as easy as a breeze. 

Shapewear Size Chart

1) So what exactly do you want your shapewear to do?

What sort of shapewear you are looking for depends on what it should do for your body. You have to choose the level of control and compression you want before you decide to buy a certain shapewear. Basically, shapewear has three different levels. 

  • Light control: You should prefer shapers which provide light control if you have just a few bulges that you need controlled for your clothes to fit great.
  • Medium control: Medium control shapers work best when you want to accentuate your curves.
  • Extra-firm control: You should opt for this if you want to look breath-taking for a special occasion without losing your breath.

But the general principle you can remember is: Choose medium compression to smoothen your dress lines and strong constriction for figure transformation. 

2) Choose shapewear according to body type

To choose the right shapewear, you need to be very well aware of your body type. Here is our visual guide for you to determine your body type: 

shapewear fitting size

High waist shaper panty is the best for apple-shaped bodies while butt lifter boy shorts are the best for rectangle body types. If you have an hourglass figure, your shoulder and hips are the same width. If you have some bulging fat, then go for high-waist briefs. For a pear-body shape go for shaper shorts while for a strawberry body shape, you should go for body shaping cami. 

3) Look for cotton-blend and spandex material 

Cotton blend stretchable material in body shapers will make you feel good as well as comfortable. Shapers make your body prone to sweat and if you choose the right material, you will be able to wear them during the summers as well. 

shape wear
shapewear for ladies


Choose what YOU like. In the end, I would just like to reiterate that you should choose a shaper that makes you feel good. Shaper is one thing that you will choose to wear completely for yourself and for your own comfort so get one that makes you feel great. You can check the Girl Nine collection out.

We offer easy exchange with great, all female customer service. How has your experience been with shapers? Do share in comments.

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