Healthy Competition is Great, Being a Copycat Isn’t!

Healthy Competition is Great, Being a Copycat Isn’t!

Women undergarments is a very underdeveloped business niche in Pakistan. According to a report by the Express Tribune states that about 80% of Pakistani women lingerie for a very basic purpose and are unaware of its style, fashion, or comfort. 

However, nobody can deny the vast potential this market has to offer. The same report by Express Tribune states that if only 30% of the entire female population of the country buys just three good quality bras per year, it will generate sales of up to Rs 81 million per year. 

With the growing population and the growing need, these figures are staggering. 

Girl Nine came into being as a direct response to customer need - the need for quality lingerie and undergarments at a reasonable price and with the added comfort of letting women shop from the comfort of their own homes. 

We believe that shopping for lingerie is an extremely personal affair and e-commerce combined with an all-women team provides just the right ingredients for very easy and actually enjoyable shopping experience for women. 

To fulfill our dream of giving women the opportunity to enjoy shopping for something as intimate as lingerie, we see healthy competition as very encouraging. It will increase market awareness as well as give more flexibility to the customers. 

30% of Pakistan’s 90 million-strong female population buys even three good quality bras per year, it translates to a potential annual sale of Rs81 million.

We gotta admit that imitation is the greatest form for flattery. But wait, plagiarism isn’t.

Recently we came across a page that has been very conveniently stealing our product photography and content and showing it off as its own. 

Facebook graphic using Girl Nine ‘Coming Soon’ image published on our page on January 1, 2020.


Our ad caption content being reused. 

 When we placed an order on their website for a product image that they had used from our website, they had the audacity to say that they were ‘sold out’ on it. 


Our photography and creatives for panties used in their website banner.

Our product, Blossom, used on its main website graphic.


Our product, Queen, used in their launch graphic


There are various options for Girl Nine to get back to this brand for plagiarizing our content. But we don’t want to be spoilsports.

Healthy and engaging competition in all sectors is healthy for the economy which has suffered greatly due to COVID 19. We believe that the strength of each community is its sense of integrity and its ability to retain and consolidate its value and ethics systems during times of crisis. 

We could have sent a legal notice as well, but that would not be in character as well. We hope that the said brand can work on their creatives and give us and the market a healthy competition which creates a good image of their own company. It will be beneficial for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country as well. 

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