Girl Nine: My Dream, My Vision, and Your Need

Girl Nine: My Dream, My Vision, and Your Need

During my time at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), our teachers often said that only those businesses and ventures are successful which don’t sell a product, but rather which solve a problem. It was a difficult concept to grasp at that time. 

Little did I know that one day I’d be heading an organization that will be solving one of my very personal and sensitive problems - SHOPPING. 

You may think, whenever did shopping become a problem? :D

Well for me, it did. And trust me, I will not be exaggerating if I say that it is for you too.

Let’s look at a scenario. 

When we go shopping, we have to interact with a male as well as female staff. If we are shopping for lingerie, there is a high chance that we will have to interact with just female staff. 

But have you ever cringed at the sight of men watching you enter the ‘Ladies Undergarments’ section in stores? Doesn’t that just kill the experience?

So assuming that the ladies staff in the lingerie store is very cooperative and they make you feel very comfortable but what if the cashier and the manager is a male? What if you want to complain against the female staff?

“She did not give me the right bra!”

Would you be comfortable saying that to the male manager? What if his next question is: “What kind of bra do you need mam?”

So you take the bra home and you feel that you want to exchange it. You guessed it right. The person dealing with return and exchange is also a man. 


So much for women staff at lingerie stores.

Needless to say, the same thing happens when we go and shop for something as harmless as a bag. The male staff shows impatience if we ask for different variations of the design or color. 

They just don’t want us to be happy, do they?

And this is where my business idea comes in. 

A judgment-free, easy exchange, free shipping shopping destination for women that has super awesome, well-trained, and really cool staff.

Hence, Girl Nine was born.

Be it lingerie, bags, shoes, jewelry, hair clips, or makeup, YOU shop for quality products with full freedom, from the comfort of your home, with the assurance that you can exchange whatever you want with no questions asked and no judgment passed at prices that you love. With no delivery cost of course.  Added bonus? Our super cool customer service staff!

This, my dear friend, is really liberating. And as a woman, you deserve it. You deserve love. You deserve appreciation. And you deserve to be pampered. And that’s is why I made Girl Nine. 

Reach out to me, talk to me, and tell me how I can make your life easier :) And if you have any suggestions for Girl Nine, get in touch with me. This is a women-only zone sista and you are heard!

Will be looking forward to hearing from you!



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