Full Coverage Vs Demi: Here’s Everything That You Need to Know About Bra Coverages

Full Coverage Vs Demi: Here’s Everything That You Need to Know About Bra Coverages

As you might have noticed, many bra brands have started throwing these terms around very frequently and we feel the customers haven’t really been given the insights into how different types of coverages can improve their bra choices. 

So, what is bra coverage?

Bra coverage means the kind of cover a bra provides to a woman’s breast. Bra coverage vary from full to half to demi and ⅝ depending on what you need and what is your requirement. 

Usually, women by default opt for full coverage bras because of the sheer comfort and style they offer but that should not stop you from exploring other options. 


Full coverage bra provides complete coverage with full comfort and ease. It usually comes with broad side and shoulder straps that are adjustable according to your needs. This is the go to coverage style for women with heavy breasts and can provide relief to women after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Full coverage bras also work well under certain types of clothing because you don’t want side spills or boob pop on the top to distract you from work. 

If you have a curvier figure, you will need the comfort that comes with a full-coverage bra. It can be both padded and non-padded. However, if you opt for a full-coverage bra, do choose a seamless variation that will look great under t-shirts and tops as well. 

At Girl Nine, we have some amazing intimates bras which have received a lot of love from all of you. Remember Wicked, our all-lace full coverage bra? And our newly launched Emerald and Quartz? They are pretty amazing! Our easy exchange and free delivery makes the deal so much more attractive. Choose from our amazing variety from the comfort of your home. 




Demi or half coverage bras provide half coverage to your breasts. They provide a great, sexy fit and are usually chosen for the kind of outstanding silhouette they offer. Demi bras can suit a variety of breast types, be it full on bottom to asymmetrical to wide set.

I would highly recommend moderate coverage or demi coverage bra to you if you are an A or a B cup because not only will it prevent spillage, it will also give you a great fit that you can show off. At Girl Nine, we have recently introduced our premium, imported variety of demi and moderate coverage bras that come in both padded bra on non-padded bra and wired/non-wired variants.

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We hope that the difference between different type of bra coverage is clear and you will be able to make a much more informed purchase next time. In case of any query, leave a comment or drop us a message on our social media and our expert all female bra consultants will get back to you with all the information you many need. Happy Coverage :)

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