Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy a Sports Shoe!

Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy a Sports Shoe!

Buying the right sports shoe to meet the expectations of an active lifestyle requires nothing short of an advanced degree! Who’d know the difference between Freon-filled soles or pump-it-up tongues? The thing is, running and walking are two essential and basic activities and in order to get the best results from them, we just have to wear the right shoe so we remain comfortable and don’t give up on ourselves just because the shoes are awful!

Our team at Girl Nine is actively engaged in developing a product range that is relevant to a modern, Pakistani woman of today who has to balance work and home, as well as take care of herself. This essentially means that she has very less time to do the math to find the right pair of shoes!

What defines a sports shoe?

Here we list down the basic ingredients of sports shoes and what they can do for you. You can skim through the list and their brief details so that you know what you are wearing and why. Do keep checking our website and social media pages as we announce more launches as well as keep in touch with you over what you think should be our next big launch. 

A shoe must be three things, It must be light, comfortable and it’s got to go the distance."

Bill Bowerman – Nike co-founder

So here goes ladies. Our brief summary of what you should know before you choose a sports shoe. 

Stick to the type

Running shoes are for running, walking shoes are for walking, and tennis shoes are for tennis. Don’t pick and choose or mix and match. While running you need extra cushion for shock absorption, as well as the push that helps you move forward with ease. Tennis shoes will not provide that. 

Choose the right fit

Don’t wear your mom’s shoes, or your dad’s shoes, or your husband’s shoe. GET YOUR OWN SHOE. And make sure that it fits! You deserve a shoe that fits ladies! Running Warehouse has made a great video on how to choose the right shoe. Take your time while choosing the right size. 

Know what the words mean

Heel drop means the difference between the amount of material under the heel and the amount of material under the front. 

Stack height is the height of your shoe

Pronation is the side to side movement of the foot. 

Knowing these words will help you decide the right shoe for you. Good running and walking shoes have variable stack height and heel drop to prevent injury. 

For everyday wear, you should choose a shoe that is lightweight and gives a good stack height and our sneakers do just that. 

We hope that you can now make a much better and informed decision about the kind of sports shoe that you are buying. Have questions? Drop a comment!

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