Complete Guide to Ladies Handbag Types and Where to Use Them!

Complete Guide to Ladies Handbag Types and Where to Use Them!

What is a lady without her handbag? Handbags add a strong fashion statement to your outfit, apart from being an important necessity for you to carry your accessories and essentials. Believe it or not, there is a large variety of styles that can easily match your mood and style for the day. 

Here, we present a sneak peek at some of them that you must have in your closet. 

Shoulder Bags

Flat and rectangular, shoulder bags are the type that comes into your head when you hear the word ladies bag. Yes, they are the most commonly carried and chosen bags and are one of the most popular varieties among women. They can be carried both on the arm as well as the shoulder. They come in a variety of colors and materials. 

Glamour Shoulder bag


Cross body Bags

Looking to make your life easy? Go for a crossbody bag. High in fashion and low in maintenance, cross body bags are designed to be worn across the body. Wearing them across the body gives you the freedom to use your hands. Some women also choose to wear them on one shoulder to make a fashion statement. 

cross body bag tulip


Always rectangular in shape, satchels are like crossbody bags but have a zip or clasp with an envelope flap cover. They have a short strap on the top as well sometimes, but not always. Traditionally, they were used to carry books but now are great fashion wear. Tulip is one of our favorite satchels and comes in PU leather. It is spacious and very light in weight and is ideal for daily and formal use.


Easy to carry, and very spacious, clutches are ideal for formal occasions as well as quick shopping tips. They have many pockets to accommodate all your cards and currency. Whenever you need to carry your bare minimums, go for a clutch


Practical, simply practical. Backpacks are your best friends for worry-free days. The shoulder straps help you distribute your weight on your shoulders and they also have a strap in case you want to carry them on one shoulder. They have plenty of pockets to carry just about anything, be it your laptops, water bottles, documents, etc. Some even come with earphone holes.


But don’t worry, they are not always plain and bland. Some come with glitzy, glammy studs that will help you stay in vogue.

So ladies, add the much-needed oomph to your wardrobe with these handbags and tell the world that you mean business. Girl Nine stocks a variety of handbags in premium quality bags at great prices and are amongst the best that you will find online.  Have questions? Drop us a comment!

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