Carry yourself in style with all new Girl Nine handbags!

Carry yourself in style with all new Girl Nine handbags!

Every now and then, it is time to grow bigger and better

Girl Nine. Wow. It’s our 5th month and man o man are we having fun. 

The excitement and exhilaration of starting a new women-run brand from scratch, making sure that each and every customer is satisfied and happy, and maintaining product quality with competitive price, in reality, is a lot more difficult than it sounds. 

But now it is time for us to grow out of our mold and spread our wings like a butterfly. 

Hand bags

 Congratulations ladies! Girl Nine is expanding! And we have already launched our brand new collection of handbags

 These handbags come in handy sizes and amazing color variety. From tote bags to backpacks, there is something for everyone.  Choose between Tulip, Poise, Monica, Denali, Everest, Chic, and Glamor to reflect on your mood and style.  Poise has been described as “a fine, detailed bag that has it all,” while Denali is ideal for “the travelista in you”. Monica is your comfy “take me everywhere” hand wallet and Glamor is meant for days “when you mean business.”

Our product range has improved, our customer service has gone up a notch, and we are delivering happiness right at your doorstep. 

What hasn't changed is that you are still at the center of all our decision making. So here is to bigger, and better things. For you, and hopefully for Girl Nine too. Remember, we love you!

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