Best Perfume for Women |  Areeka & Rumaisa Fragrance Online Shopping

Best Perfume for Women | Areeka & Rumaisa Fragrance Online Shopping

A Scented Affair with Girlnine's perfume collection

It's summertime again! As the sun shines bright our body heats up and sweats, our mind and body need constant care to relieve themselves to beat the heat. Of course, the easiest way to do this is to spritz ourselves with a cool fragrance to get rid of that summer odor. We present Girl Nine perfume collection for a scented affair this summer

'Girlnine' to the rescue: 

There are many ladies perfumes out there that have amazing fragrances but most of them are soon forgotten in the sea of scents. The women who are regular users of perfumes know how difficult it is to make a women scent last for more than a few hours. We often see women complaining how a gent's perfume lasts for eternity at any event, while women have to refresh theirs every time they go to the restroom.

That's definitely not the case here. Always smell your best with Girlnine's collection of perfumes for women for all the fashion-conscious beautiful women out there. We all know we need to not only look good but smell good too for making an impression that becomes your introduction. Now make a lasting impression with Girlnine's fragrance collection. We give you reasons what makes our fragrances the best perfumes for women

A scented affair-the memory triggering effect: 

The perfumes and perfume mists are known to trigger the memory. You sense a scent, whether it's a perfume for girls or a gent's perfume, it affects the deepest part of the brain and forms a memory in your brain. Whenever there is a familiar scent, it automatically takes you back in time to the point when you first smelled it.

Of course, the best perfumes cater for this psychology and we can't ignore Girlnine's collection. Girlnine's fragrance range is designed to take you back in memories to your favourite moment. Our Collection is designed to cater the associative memory and give you a lasting experience that can be revived anytime. 

Girlnine's fragrances-A must-have collection: 

A fragrance should be timeless, irresistible and should have a head-turning aroma. The best perfume is one that smells pleasant, triggers memory and lasts longer. With the rising concept of associative memory, our team at 'Girlnine' works to develop subtle pleasant fragrances that smell great and don't cost a fortune. Currently, our collection includes the two best female perfumes: 'Areeka' and 'Romaisa'. Both are available in two sizes: a 50ml sleek and stylish bottle and a 5ml exotic travel size bottle that is easy to carry anywhere.

Girlnine's Romaisa-A divine and exotic touch: 

Romaisa's lively, fresh fragrance is a floral affair of the sweetness of Peony, Lotus, Magnolia flowers encapsulated in a glass bottle topped with the feminine fruity and floral scents of  Gardenia, Jasmine, Magnolia, Freesia, Lily making it one of the top perfumes for women, a fusion of fragrant flowers. 

Girlnine's 'Areeka'-A feel-good factor: 

The essence of a summer sunny day that gives off a passionate fruity scent. Perfect to use every day the fusion of fragrant flowers ensures a sweet savoury and long-lived scent, perfectly classified as an active women perfume. The warm, sensual and light yet poised fragrance with the touch of Peony, Lotus, Magnolia that people will immediately register.

Light on the pocket:

The market of women fragrances is full of divine, sensual and exotic freshness packed into a playful duo of fruity florals. But not all of them are pocket friendly. The perfume brands for women are super expensive when it comes to budgeting and often not in the range of many perfume lovers. This is where Girlnine wins. Girlnine focuses on producing fragrances and mists that are affordable, and capture the absolute ravishing sensuality of femininity. 

Our powerful, strong products at Girlnine are budget-friendly. Each 50ml bottle of the seductive scent of 'Romaisa' and 'Areeka' starts at Rs.2999 only and each 5ml travel size exotic bottle starts at Rs.799. Both the bottles are available in a bundle pack for only Rs.3499, a perfect gift for all the beautiful women out there. 

Girlnine-The perfect choice:  

Girlnine's fragrance range is new, exciting, and exotic which makes them a perfect choice for all the young, lively women out there. The collection is a perfect blend of sensual and playful scents that hit you right in the feels and leaves everyone around you feeling refreshed and energizing with positivity.

Romaisa and Areeka are female perfumes that are sure to be a subtle sensuous addition to your scent's shelf and fill you with an overwhelming cloud of freshness that leaves everyone in the room wanting more. What makes Girlnine’s perfumes a must-have is their feel goof factor that makes them a great choice for every women.        

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