Best Ladies Bags in Pakistan | Girls Shoulder Bags, Handbag, Backpacks

Best Ladies Bags in Pakistan | Girls Shoulder Bags, Handbag, Backpacks

Table For Three Please! You, GirlNine and Fabulous Bags for You

Hey! How about a perfect gift for the fashionista in you who must be bored of buying new pajamas to lounge around your home (courtesy of COVID, *urgh*)? Let GirlNine give you a stylish head start with an elegant range of bags for girls. Ah! Bags. The ultimate accessory for your IG pictures.

“The exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” You don’t believe us? Believe Michael Kors. He said that. Honestly, one can never have too many bags. Is one bag going to suit every occasion? Girl, no. From sleek shoulder bags to accompany you shopping to chic handbags you can adorn with your work outfit, be it sophisticated wallets to carry your small personal items or roomy backpacks to be your travel partners, GirlNine has got you covered.

Shoulder Bags for Girls

Picture smaller compartments enveloped in fine faux leather. Include a low maintenance shoulder strap or golden chain. Add a little simplicity. Put some chic. Et Voila! You’ve got GirlNine’s shoulder bags for girls. Available in classic black, subtle white, blood red, vibrant yellow and powder pink hues, our Daisys and Tulips intend to become your fashion staple.

Tulip’s quilted design gives it a soft and luxurious finish which makes it suitable for both everyday use and formal occasions. Daisy on the other hand is a light weight satchel that can store your everyday essentials while you are out and about. Our shoulder bags are multipurpose and thus can be used on a daily basis and also on formal occasions.

Oh and don’t shoulder bags make life easy too? You wear them to accessorize your outfit and still have the freedom to use your hands. Two birds. One stone. Fabulous.


Girls Handbags

What helps you make a fashion statement that you hang on your wrist or clench in your hand? A handbag, ladies and gentlemen. If you are a handbag for girls and looking for a faux leather handbag in a solid staple color with a luxe look, fine finish and roomy compartments, GirlNine’s Spotlight will serve to complete your look.

You can pair it with your work outfit or carry it at a lunch or dinner party. Your choice. However, if you are into patterns, you ought to check out our Poise and Chic handbags. Plaids, stripes, bars and random patterns embrace these stylish handbags giving them a retro vibe that will instantly lift your outfit. Oh and did I mention these handy and flexible women’s handbags are also multipurpose? They have an additional shoulder strap. You can switch between holding a GirlNine handbag and carrying it on your shoulder as you like. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

Best Backpacks for Girls

Travel enthusiasts and students, our sleek, stylish and carry-all backpacks are waiting to be discovered by you. You want a cool bag for school, GirlNine backpacks for girls are all you need. You want a sturdy yet stylish backpack to carry your travel essentials, our backpacks are at your service (in exchange for a couple of rupees of course, here, trust us you won’t regret the investment.)

Everest is a fashionable yet practical backpack with a sturdy design, adjustable shoulder strap and roomy compartments. Oh and the fun part is that it also contains a mobile pocket and earphones hole. It can be your handy and carry-all school bag that can store your laptop, notebooks, handouts, stationery and water bottles etc. and also a sturdy travel companion that can carry your personal travel essentials.

Denali can serve you both ways as well. It however exudes a chic yet decent vibe because it has a studded and clean look. For all the people out there with an “edgy style”, Denali is your baby.


Ladies, if you are thinking you already have too many bags, remember, you can never have too many bags. All you need is love fabulous bags. And when it comes to chic and fabulous bags, you’ve got GirlNine to serve you. Be our guest. Be our guest. Put our service (well, actually product) to the test! You won’t regret it, we promise.

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