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Best E-Store for Panties Shopping in Pakistan at Affordable Price

Is it not difficult nowadays to buy good quality undergarments at a reasonable rate? But we need nice underwear. After all, lingerie reflects our personality and we sure would like nice things said about us. I mean, we don’t have to rely on other people’s opinion about us but hey, a little complement hurts no one.

Yeah yeah putting on the same skin colored oversized panties keeps you so comfy but have you really…like really explored the world of lingerie? It brims with elegance and style and offers confidence and comfort as well.

Sure, it is difficult to get find good quality panties. Or should I say “was”. How so, you ask? Oh so now that I really have your attention, let me take you on a ride of my acquaintances’ personal experience with shopping for undergarments for ladies. 

Shall we? After you.

Shopping for Premium Quality Panties – A Game of Treasure Hunt

Let me tell you. Shopping for undergarments, panties in particular, is no easy feat. Well, not until you have found the right brand to trust and rely on. Speaking of trustworthy and reliable undergarments brands in Pakistan that offer premium quality panties, they are only a few in number. Two or three to be exact.

One such brand has caught my social circle’s attention due to its excellent products and services and I cannot wait to introduce you to it. But first, I got to tell you who you need to steer clear of.

My Dear Friend’s Personal Experience

So this friend of mine, who by the way also believes in the power of good lingerie, recently was on the hunt to purchase new designer panties. Putting her faith in Losha’s popularity and operating time in the industry, she logged into their website. First of all, she was irritated by the fact that she had to buy the same design in a pack of two or three. She only wanted to buy one panty of a particular design.

At first I thought, umm… packs are usually economical and well, it must have saved her time because otherwise she would have had to spend more time to find two or three more in other designs. So I opened their website and to my dismay, the rates of panties for girls were not that economical for me to benefit from buying a pack!

Secondly, there is no point of the whole rant about not wearing the same underwear again and again and again if I still want to save my time by buying the same design in a pack of two or three. The power of good lingerie! Remember? 

The Climax Ladies and Gentlemen…

The story is not over yet. Nah uh. The package from Losha arrived at her doorstep and well, you must have guessed already what would have happened. Yes, there were panties in that package. Yes, it was a pack of three of them. Yes, the design was the same as showcased at the website. But the fabric? It wasn’t up to the mark like the brand claimed. 

Hello! When we shop, we spend our hard earned money. Do we want it to go to waste? Absolutely not. Do we want good value for it? You bet, we do. 

Who Run the Undergarments World Then?

Well, long story short after experimenting with a few undergarments brands like Losha, she finally came across one that met her expectations and deliver exactly what it promised. The design was trendy. The fabric was of premium quality. And the service was top notch too.

The brand’s wide variety of flawless panties for women are for all body shapes and sizes and they have almost every kind of underwear to keep your undergarments closet complete and most importantly, fab!

Oh before I go on and on about their line of panties, let me introduce the brand. They are amazing at what they do. Their products are beautiful. Their services are top notch. Who are they? They are GirlNine. 

GirlNine’s Line of Panties – Elegant, Chic and All Inclusive

From thongs to bikini underwear, be it hipsters or cheekies, whether you need boyshorts or briefs or even if you seek maternity underwear, GirlNine has got it all for you exclusively at their e-store. Keeping up with the trend in panties style and making no compromise whatsoever in manufacturing and designing, their entire line is nothing short of quality, elegance and comfort.

I visited their e-store and following are some of my absolute favorites. I cannot wait to add them to my cart and shop them away.

Sexy ye Comfortable Thongs

If you want a thong that is sexy and comfortable at the same time, meet Zoey. She is exclusively available at in a variety of sensual hues and its lace wings and back give it an exotic vibe that you cannot shake. The fabric is of top quality and breathable and soft enough to keep you comfortable.

Cozy but Cute Hipsters

You know which style I like the most in panties? Hipsters. They are a perfect combination of elegance and comfort and there is no way I would trade this perfect combo for anything else. I love, love, loooooved GirlNine’s Selena. Look at her. Is she not cute as a button? Does she not look comfortable? With lace on leg openings and a plain cotton design, this number should be a staple for everyone’s underwear closet. You hear me. Buy it now. Thank me later.

Sensual in a Comfy Disguise, GirlNine’s Boyshorts

I know. I know. Boyshorts. How so not girly of me. Who told you this panties style could not be sensual? They can be if they are lacy… and have a pretty design. Say hi to Alya. This super appealing boyshort has been designed using breathable and quick drying fabric. The lace is sheer and this pretty article is available in beautiful tones like pink, purple and teal etc… It is as exotic as a thong. Give it a chance. You will see what I am talking about.

But Wait! What About The Price Points

Well well well ladies, online undergarments shopping in Pakistan is just about to turn fun and more fun. Good news. There’s a flat 50% off on entire range of GirlNine’s panties. Not only are they laden with premium quality, trend and style but they are also available at price points you will find extremely budget friendly. So what are you waiting for? Spit spot. Get your gadget and visit now to shop away your favorites. They are only a click away to arrive at your doorstep.

Oh and the site is 100% authentic and reliable. Don’t fear of getting scammed. You will find nothing but satisfaction and happiness at GirlNine. Happy shopping ladies. And good day.

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