Ladies Sneaker Shoes

A Comprehensive Guide to Styling Ladies Sneaker Shoes

How many times have you wanted to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time? May be too many to count. Thanks to the 21st century, wearing comfortable items has finally become a trend!

One classic example is women’s sneakers shoes. It keeps your feet comfy and contained, all while gathering attention to your outfit. If styled correctly, it can elevate a basic outfit to a whole new dimension.

Many ladies get puzzled at this point; styling sneakers for fashion. Girl Nine brings a fun and functional guide covering every aspect of this footwear. Read along to master the art of styling this footwear with confidence and flair.  

black Sneakers for Girls

The Top of the Line – Classic White Sneakers 

Classic white sneakers are the basics of a good shoe collection. If you have them, you can look the best for many days and nights. The pair is neat, versatile, and remarkably good-looking.  

For a timeless chic look, pair them with flared or bootcut jeans and a classy tuck-in t-shirt. To hit the modern jackpot, opt for a tunic, dress, or frock for a lively feminine energy. Tailored chino pants with a dress shirt will shift the look to a professional compass.

 Pop-Colored Modernism 

Pop colors are the thing of the 21st century. Mixing and matching bright tones, like in a multi-color jacket, makes a modern garment that every teenager and young adult loves to wear. These pop colors have made a towards ladies’ footwear and the sneakers are the first ones to be color. If it’s a multi-colored one, you better wear it with a plain outfit. Single-color shoes like pink or orange can go with a printed top or an overall white attire.  

High-Top Sneakers 

Ankle-top or high-ankle sneakers are purely urban with a touch of vibrance. The epitome of street style; they make every person look carefree and bold.

The best way to enhance your look is by wearing these sneakers with skinny jeans. Grab perfect-length skinny pants and tuck them into ankle-top boots for a revolutionary vibe. Secondly, these shoes for girls look the best with skirts or shorts.  

Girls Sneakers Shoes

The Best Items to Pair with Women's Sneakers 

Sneakers are a timeless piece of footwear covering both fashion and comfort needs. The key to rocking the sneaker look is by pairing them with the right items.

  • Shorts

Shorts and joggers/sneakers are the never-to-miss combination. These shoes even started their journey as sportswear. It’s the best pair when you are going jogging, to the gym, or to run errands. A road trip with friends or climbing are also fun activities made extra fun with sneakers and shorts combo.  

  • Wide-leg or Flared jeans 

Wide-leg or flared jeans look good on every body type. Pair it with sneakers and you will be ready to make a style statement whenever on the road. Tank tops, t-shirts, and mini frocks are best-suited tops for this style.

  • Trouser & Sweatpants 

Give a laid-back look to your sneakers shoes by grabbing a pair of sweatpants for the day. It’s the perfect look for a lazy summer evening or a Sunday brunch.  

  • Dress & Tunics

Feel the breeze of an exciting day by pairing sneaker shoes for girls with a cute top, frock, tunic, or dress. Overall floral print with flairs gives a feminine vibe. Sometimes, heels or sandals look over the top with such dresses, leaving sneakers as the best option. This look is the ideal combination of fashion and comfort in one go.  

  • Skirt & Lehenga 

In Asia, a new trend is surfacing and every girl is looking forward to adopting it. This trend is pairing plain white sneakers with a traditional lehenga or long skirt. Everyone loves the blend of traditional and modern aura it creates. It is, no doubt, the hottest sneaker trend these days!

  • Skinny Jeans & Leggings 

Take a break from your usual straight-leg jeans and go bold with skinny leggings. For a casual event like going for your evening coffee, upgrade your style with this look.  

  • High-Waist Pants

Give a sneak peek at your ankles by prioritizing high waist bottoms. They also look extravagant with ankle-high or white ladies sneakers. Hiking, climbing, and hitchhiking are the perfect places to rock this look.

  • Accessorize to Perfection 

All these sneaker styles are top-class in their looks. Yet, you can complete the remaining puzzle with small details and accessories.

Teen girls can complete the look with fun bracelets, high ponytails, and cross-body bags. A backpack with jeans while a tote bag with the dress and sneakers combo appears ravishing.  

How To Wear Sneakers to Work

The key to wearing casual sneakers and still looking professional is pairing them with a formal outfit. In that case, we have a few options for you:

Suit Up - A well-fitted suit in a plain color may be the perfect definition of a business formal. Add a spice to it with some classical sneakers or court shoes. It will perfectly balance the casual and formal look. The straight-legged pants of the suit will hide the top of the shoe. No one will even notice!

shoes for girls

Smart Casuals - Grab striped, bootcut, or wide-leg pants and top it up with a monochromatic button-down shirt. With white or patterned sneakers, add fire to smart casual office days.  

Fun Friday Mood – Choose high-waist jeans pants with a turtleneck top and cover your feet with some comfy sneakers. This style is ideal for casual activities at work like games day or fun Friday plans.


Spice up your days by mastering the style of sneakers for women. This footwear has come a long way from being sportswear to now a fashion article. Knowing the pairing and how to wear these ladies shoes can unlock days of effortless beauty.

Whether you're going with the athleisure trend, a traditional look, or simply aiming for comfort and style, the key is to experiment and have a fun sneakers shoes collection. Girl Nine brings the most edgy, trendy, and preppy styles of ladies’ sneakers to help you rock every look. Shop from our vast collection and enjoy the hottest trends in vogue! 

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