9 Fashion Trends To Follow In 2024

9 Fashion Trends To Follow In 2024

As we begin to settle into the new year and seasons change, it is an excellent time to go through your wardrobe. You can use this opportunity to take stock of the items that have lost their appeal and the ones that can be reinvented to give you a whole new look. 

For 2024, you can revamp your clothing and bring in a diversity of jazz, grandpa, and retro femininity. Let’s take a look at some of the top fashion trends of 2024. 

Fashion Trends To Keep An Eye On

  1. Polished Preppy

The coronavirus pandemic created a shift toward a more lounge-inspired, relaxed, and comfortable style. People moved toward the ‘goblin mode,’ but the fashion landscape is once again rejecting overly casual attire. People are now on the lookout for subtle touches of sophistication, as well as refined clothing. 

You can now adorn yourself in bold hues and bring back your polo shirts. After all, they have a polished and timeless aesthetic, which has come back with a bang. 

  1. Quiet Luxury

Another trend that has been gaining traction is that of quiet luxury and old money. This is characterized by garments that give off an aura of opulence but do not make you break the bank. These are not based on flaunting price tags but showcasing style and elegance. Thus, you will need to focus on high-quality materials and perfect tailoring rather than blingy branding. 

The good thing about the old money style is that it allows you to glamorize your look with bags, shoes, jewelry, as well as accessories, to bring together the complete ensemble. 

  1. Grandpa Chic

The coronavirus pandemic normalized comfortable and grandma clothing. But now, there is a new icon out there: eclectic grandpa. If you are into chic cardigans, retro streetwear, and personalized clothing, then you will enjoy the variety that Grandpa can bring to your table. 

  1. Hyperfeminine

If the core Grandpa chic does not sit with you, then maybe you could explore the hyperfeminine styles of this year. Barbie, cottage vibes and ballet have taken the fashion world by storm, along with various other ultra-girly aesthetics. These days, lacy and pink details have become the norm. You will find a wide range of pastels, bows, and floral prints everywhere. 

  1. Volume, Length, and Shapes

The ultra-tight skinny jeans and cropped jackets had once implanted themselves everywhere. however, 2024 fashion has taken a new turn and has prompted people to experiment with shape, length, and volume. You may have seen exaggerated lengths on different kinds of apparel. Think oversized long-line sweaters and jackets with long dresses. You may even see drop-waist dresses that have become mainstream once again. 

In line with this, the wide-leg denim bottoms have paved the way for tailored clothing. You may see bottoms in different fabrics, ranging from sateen for added shine to cupro and gaberdine. If you have one in your closet, you can pair it with a blazer and have the perfect ensemble for many occasions. 

  1. Jelly Fashion

There is no denying that the ‘90s fashion is back with a bang as if it never left while we venture into 2024. On this note, jelly accessories are enjoying a resurgence as millennials and Gen Z drive this aesthetic, readily incorporating it into their style. 

  1. Bursts of Color

As it has always been, capsule dressing remains in fashion even in 2024. However, it has changed a little with crisp neutrals and updated basics, such as white, camel, gray, and black. These colors are generally complemented by bursts of different hues, such as pink, canary, pistachio green, lavender purple, deep navy, and of course, yellow. 

You can also refresh your current wardrobe with a simple pop of color and a neutral piece. It is also possible to make a bold statement by choosing to go with one color from head to toe. 

  1. Jazz Revival

Do the ‘90s feel too recent for you? Well, then, why don’t you go a little bit back in time to satiate your fashion appetite? Vintage jazz looks are one way to go if you want to explore something back in time, especially if you take it beyond funk playlists and vintage outfits.

Feel free to think along the lines of wide-leg sparkly pants with an oversized blazer and a modern-day crop top. You could also opt for bell-sleeve sweaters, silky floor-length slip dresses, blinged-out corsets, and the unapologetic fringe. 

  1. Conscious Consumerism

Consumers are readily becoming more familiar with the cons of adopting fast fashion. Therefore, there is a rising interest in thrift items and pre-loved clothing. Even brands have taken to champion sustainable materials, as well as responsible practices.

If you want to play your part in the environment, you can choose to shop for clothing made of recycled materials. Bamboo, natural fibers, and seaweed. There has also been a resurgence in linen, wool, plant and animal fibers and wool. 

While all these trends sound wonderful, it can sometimes feel like a full-time job to stay on top of the ever-evolving world of fashion. You will find new styles and designs popping up every day, making it difficult for you to keep up.

But you do not need to worry because we have now got your back. We bring you various tips to help you stay informed about the new and emerging trends, making fashion a breeze for you. 

Tips To Keep Up With Fashion Trends

  1. Keep Up With Fashion Influencers

Social media can be your best friend in this day and age, especially when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends. There is no denying that it is one of the quickest ways to ensure you have a pulse on what is hot in the world of fashion.

The first thing to do would be to start by following the social media accounts of the fashion influencers who reflect your personal style. They have early access to numerous new trends and collections and often sport emerging fashion clothing.

  1. Explore Different Platforms

Feel free to explore more than one platform as well for fashion. While Instagram may be a goldmine for all the hot fashion content, you can get the right ideas from other platforms as well, such as Pinterest. It can help you discover unique trends and styles that are currently in. 

However, keep in mind that you are only there to be inspired, not to copy people. They can offer you a wealth of ideas, and the key is to embed them into your daily staples. 

  1. Subscribe To Fashion Blogs and Magazines

Another effective method to stay on top of fashion trends is to subscribe to fashion blogs and magazines. Traditional mediums have managed to retain their benefits and charm, irrespective of the fact that social media is the primary source of information. 

However, make sure to choose your subscriptions wisely since not all blogs and magazines can serve your interests. Keep in mind to choose one that aligns with your preferences and styles. They are a treasure trove of knowledge related to fashion and can give you a deeper understanding of what the fashion landscape looks like. 

Style Yourself

While it is necessary for a fashion enthusiast to remain on top of all fashion trends, it does not mean that you lose your own sense of style. Pick and choose the fads that align with your personal tastes and rock that look however you want!

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