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8 Trendy Tunic Styles to Elevate Your Outfit

Who knew that a piece of clothing that appeared around 2000 years ago would still be a part of current fashion trends?

Did you ever imagine that happening? Because we cannot. The item of clothing we are talking about is none other than tunicsThe major reason why tunic tops still have a place in the modern world is because of how comfortable and versatile they are. 

Let us not forget that there are a great number of tunic styles to choose from when looking for the perfect tunic for yourself. There is a misconception that tunics are only good for casual looks or for wearing at home. 

Georgia Tunic Tops

Well, that’s true, as they are the comfiest tops you will ever find, but when paired with the right accessories and bottoms, they can be a hit for special occasions as well. So, what exactly are tunics?

What are Tunic Tops?

A tunic is a long shirt that drapes down from your shoulder to the end of your hips but comes above the knees. Tunic tops are tops in reality, but since they are long enough, they can be called dresses as well!

However, that all depends on the style and length of the tunic. We have come a long way from ancient times, so the tunics of today are quite different than the ones worn centuries ago. As mentioned above, you can find a lot of styles when it comes to tunics

There are a wide variety of colours and materials available, so there is always something to suit your personal style!

Popular Tunic Styles and How to Wear Them

Enough of the small talk; it is time for something important.

What are the different kinds of tunic styles that can uplift your outfit?

1- Front-Slit Tunics

Front slit styles are pretty hot these days. You might have seen the front slit design in pants and dresses. But what could be better than a tunic with this particular style?

Generally, there are two types of front-slit tunics. The only difference between them is the slit’s starting point. One of them has a cut that starts below the waistline, while the other tunic’s cut starts below the chest.

Other than that, you will find an inner fabric in these tunics that matches the top fabric. 

Styling Option

Here is an idea of how you can style a front-slit tunic for an evening party:

  • Get your hands on a georgette front-slit tunic.
  • Wear a pair of girls jeans, either blue or white, whichever matches the tunic’s colour.
  • High-heeled pumps are a great option.
  • Make sure to accessorise with some modern rings and earrings.
  • Don’t forget a ladies handbag for a complete look. 

2- Lace Tunics

Lace-y tunics give off all the vibes you need this summer.  If you want to dress up nice for a casual lunch out with your friends, then a lace tunic can help you achieve the casual-chic look.

lace tunic tops

Similarly, if you are going out for a formal event, a lace tunic will never disappoint.  You can find multiple designs in this category. Starting from short sleeves to big sleeves and round necks to boat necks. The choices are way too many!

As you might know, white tops tend to be on the classier side. While there are a lot of colours available in this tunic style, our advice would be to get a white lace tunic, as it clearly looks more regal. 

Styling Option

To elevate your outfit with a lace tunic, here is what you need to do:

  • Put on a white lace tunic.
  • Wear denim jeans, as they are the most appropriate with this outfit.
  • Get a pair of beige block heels.
  • Make sure that you have a crossbody bag

3- Asymmetrical Tunic Tops

Who cares about symmetry anymore? 

Asymmetrical tunic tops can give you a whole new angle. Literally. If you prefer a creative look over the same old boring styles, then this tunic top is just for you. 

Also, there is a major plus to an asymmetrical style. The uneven hemlines of the top have the ability to draw the eye upward.  This means that the angle and design of this tunic can help you appear slimmer!

Styling Option
  • Wear an asymmetrical tunic top. 
  • Pair it with either leggings or denim jeans.
  • Get a pair of boots to go along with it.
  • Lastly, have a tote bag ready for a fabulous finish.

4- Tunics with Belts

Belts can make an outfit go from 0 to 10.  And tunics with belts? That is what we call a stylish topThere is no better way to flaunt your curves in a tunic than to add a belt to your waist.

accessories for girls

Styling Option

Keep reading to find out a styling option when it comes to tunics with belts:

  • Get a shirt-style tunic.
  • Wear denim jeans or shorts with it.
  • Put a belt on over the tunic. Depending on your personal style, you can either get a skinny or wide belt.
  • In the end, you just need some boots

5- Floral Print Tunics

Floral-print tops generally look very pretty at all times.  Such is the case when it comes to tunic tops.  They are quite flattering and can add a dash of style to your plain wardrobe!


Styling Options
  • Get your hands on the prettiest floral-print tunic top.
  • Pair it with jeans or capris.
  • Put on a pair of block heels.

6- Embroidered Tunic Tops

Embroidery does not mean that your tunic top will turn out to be just for fancy wear. It all depends on the fabric and the level of embroidery.  A cotton tunic top with some light embroidery can be perfect for a casual daytime look!

Meanwhile,a silk or satin tunic with a little bit more embroidery can be great for a fancy dinner party.

Styling Option

Here is one way to complete your outfit:

  • Wear a cotton-embroidered tunic.
  • Pair it with a skirt.
  • To conclude, put on sandals

7- Colour Block Tunic 

Colour blocking is all about wearing multiple solid colours in your outfit.  So, how could we not set our eyes on a colour-block tunic top? If you are searching for a modern outfit, then this is the answer you needed all along. 

Styling Option
  • Put on a black and white colour-blocked tunic.
  • Wear black leggings.
  • Get a pair of black block heels.
  • Put on a shoulder bag, and you are done

8- Sweater Tunics

You will have to save this one for the winter season. Don’t worry, sweater tunics will be just as trendy at that time! Trust me, there is nothing more comfy and easy to carry in the winter than a good ol’ sweater tunic. 

Styling Option

Here is how you can make an outfit out of it:

  • Put on a sweater tunic.
  • Next, you will need some flowy pants.
  • Get ankle boots to keep you going.
  • A crossbody bag is the last step to get your chic outfit.

Parting Words

The next time you want to add an extra oomph to your clothes, don’t hesitate to consider these trendy tunic styles.  By incorporating tunics into your outfit, you can easily come up with a gorgeous ensemble for every occasion.

Well, not every but you get the point, right?

The best part about tunics is how customizable they can be. You can come up with a million styling ideas and choose one that best reflects your personality!

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