8 Different Bra Styles Explained!

8 Different Bra Styles Explained!

There is a lot more to bra sizes than a measuring tape. To match your size to the right style, understanding the variety Girl Nine will help you choose a bra that will make you feel confident and comfortable every time you wear it. Many factors, including hormones, weather, breastfeeding, pregnancy and exercise, can affect your bra size and according to experts, it is better to reevaluate your size at least twice a year.

Listed below are some of the most common variations that you will find on our website. Begin your journey of self-love by choosing the right lingerie from the ones we offer. Remember, our support team is always available for discussions on bra sizes or anything else :)

1. Padded Bras

As the name suggests, this design will make your breast look fuller and firmer. If you like to wear loose dresses, padded bras will bring in an elegant fall on your kurtis or tops. We offer single and double padded bras, and the padding can be underneath or throughout the cup.  Many women wear padded bras due to various reasons and you don’t have to feel uneasy while discussing this option with our staff. If you want to go for light padding, choose Secret, Sugar, or Angel. For heavy padding, go for Queen, Positive, Firm or Blossom.

2. Non-wired Bras

Non-wired bras come with a thin layer of padding to give your breasts a sculpted look. Normally marketed as a bra that gives you “nipple coverage”, these bras give a perfect shape to your breasts and go along very well with thin fabrics. These are different from t-shirt or seamless bra types as they might have seams for added breast support but give a sculpted look because of the thin padding. 

3. Seamless Bras

Seamless or t-shirt bras, as the name suggests, is designed to remain invisible under your clothes. No stitching threads or seams are visible on the cups of these bras and they are lighter and ‘easier’ on the breasts. They come with or without pads. At GirlNine, we stock both premium and elegant varieties in all sizes and styles.

4. Sports Bras

For sports, breasts need extra support and a sports bra will hold your breasts in place while you work out or run. They come in both stretchable and unstretchable varieties. Sports bras are a go-to if you have an active lifestyle that can’t be interrupted by sagging breasts. GirlNine will also be introducing sportswear collection which will complement our sports bras variety.

5. Non-Padded Cotton Bras

Or as we jokingly call it, the cotton bra, is a favorite during the summer and monsoon season. These bras are made of pure cotton and are not padded. The breathable cotton fabric prevents rashes and allows for easy sweat evaporation. GirlNine stocks both plain and embroidered varieties.

6. Nursing Bras

Only a woman knows the pain and discomfort that comes with nursing. Sore, swollen nipples and heavy, sagging breasts call for special treatment and comfort. In Pakistan, this necessity is only available on high-end stores at a very expensive price tag but at GirlNine, we want to make it accessible to women everywhere. Comfort is a soft and durable product that will ensure a comfortable journey through breastfeeding.

7. Pushup Bras

As is evident from the name, pushup bras will push your breasts up to give them shape and cleavage. The padding on these also comes in different thickness to give you the desired volume, cleavage or both. The padding can be on the inside as well as outside. While choosing this variety, make sure that your breasts don’t seem to be falling out of them when you bend. This can cause discomfort. There is also a demi-cup variety that you can choose with low neck dresses. 

8. Lace Bras

Extraordinary occasions *wink wink* call for extraordinary arrangements. We have you covered in the luxury bras section. Our embellished, lacey, floral luxury variety is exotic and exuberant and are available in both wired and non-wired variations. These eye-catching and colorful beauties are intricately detailed and intoxicatingly seductive. These bras are meant to make you feel like the queen that you are.

You know what, you can skip all this nonsense and order lingerie from the comfort of your home. At Girl Nine, Pakistan’s fastest growing lingerie brand, you and your choices matter. Choose your bra, talk to our staff, order it, and get it delivered in discreet packaging at your doorstep. Don’t like it? Exchange it! No questions asked. Lingerie shopping doesn’t get better! 

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