Desi Boob Myths

6 Desi Boob Myths That You Need to Stop Believing Right Now!

Boobs and everything about them is a personal matter, but not in a desi household. Like everything we share from food, clothing, and space, boobs are a common wealth open to multiple speculations and predictions from all the ladies in the family and the neighborhood.  

However, science (and sometimes common sense) doesn’t agree with everything they say. Here we are debunking six common boob myths that have been cherished and treasured in desi households for generations. We want to stop the chain by clearing out your misconceptions so that this knowledge isn’t transferred onto the next generation ;) 

1) The size of your breasts define how much milk you will produce

This isn’t true. The size of a woman’s breast is determined by the fatty tissue it contains and that has nothing to do with milk supply. To make and store breast milk you need glandular tissue.

2) Breast size remains the same

Not true. Ask any woman. Breast size is determined by various factors including hormones, breastfeeding, diet, to name a few. 

woman’s breast size

3) Wearing a bra to bed prevents sagging

NO! It is extremely  uncomfortable and there is absolutely no need to do it. Set your assets free for the night please. 

wearing a bra

4) Breastfeeding causes your breast to sag

Lol I know you are shaking your head at this one but this is not true. Breasts sag with age, not because of breastfeeding. So if you are planning to avoid breastfeeding to prevent sagging, you might want to think of another reason. 

5) Both breasts should be the same size

Who says? It isn’t true anyways. Nobody knows why but it is very difficult to find women whose boobs are the same size. 

boobs size

6) You should always wear the same bra size

Biggest myth in the history of myths. Bra size is flexible because your breasts don’t remain the same size throughout the month. Come to think about it, if the size is changing why can’t you keep different sizes just to keep yourself comfortable? Is having boobs some sort of a punishment? 

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amazing bra

Now do you know what to believe and what not to believe? 


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