5 Underwear Rules That You Should Remember All the Time!

5 Underwear Rules That You Should Remember All the Time!

Newsflash: Your underwear is THE MOST important part of your day. Surely you might think that what is so special about undies since most of us just take one out of our drawer, wear it, and forget all about it. But believe me, undies are the most ignored part of our daily lives that we should definitely be talking about. 

I can demonstrate what I mean. Did you know that wearing panties at night can cause yeast infection? Not only this, I can’t imagine the discomfort that comes with not sleeping commando. To honor and respect all the information out there that can help you keep your vagina safe from monstrosities such as yeast infection, I am listing a few must-know rules that you must, most definitely follow when it comes to underwear's. This will not only help you feel great, it will save you from a lot of trouble as well. 

So here goes. 

1- You have to let your privates breathe

Please ladies. Have mercy. Wearing underwear is definitely a very good habit, but not at the cost of your health. Your privates are host to a variety of bacteria and wearing an underwear all the time gives them just the right, moist, and dark environment that they need to flourish. Try to wear underwear that is not tight-hugging so that it does not limit airflow to your vagina.

Dr Salma Farasat, a renowned gynecologist says, “Pure cotton undergarments are our first choice. That’s because synthetic fiber holds moisture and that can cause allergies and irritation.” If you are in search of all cotton underwear at great price online what quick delivery, Girl Nine has recently stocked a vast variety. 










2- Don’t wear them for more than day

They might smell right, they might look right, they might feel right, but only wear them for a day. Wearing them twice or even wearing them once you know they are damp with your sweat after a work-out session can increase your chances of yeast and fungal infection. Change them right away. 

3- No need to wear an underwear that is the same color as your clothes

White under white, that’s what intuition says right? But that isn’t the best option. A white underwear under white clothes will only make it more obvious. Whenever in doubt, opt for nude. If you are looking for a great nude underwear that you can buy online at a great price, choose Luna in nude

4- Thongs aren’t always a good option

We are bombarded with TV commercials and movie hit songs where women are going about their lives in full confidence in their racy thongs but trust me, they aren’t always a good choice. Even though they might look good, thongs aren’t really comfortable. All they do is give you a wedgie and sometimes one can’t really tolerate that. 

5- Know thy stains

Yup. As gross as it sounds, you really should be very well aware of what your different discharges mean. Many times, this will save you from serious complications waiting to happen. You may diagnose a vaginal infection on time and you may even be able to predict your ovulation cycle correctly just by looking at the stains. This may also help you choose the right underwear for the right days. Who wouldn’t want to be methodical? 

So we hope that this brief collection of rules regarding underwear use will help you make the right choice in underwear selection. This will keep you healthy and help you keep your lingerie wardrobe up-to-date. And whenever you feel the need to shop for classy, attractive, and comfortable ladies underwear online at great price, shop at Girl Nine.

We have boyshorts, thongs, hipsters and briefs in many colors and designs. We offer great, all women, expert customer service and our staff would love to talk to you about underwear and everything nice :)

What’s your best choice for underwear? 

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