Bra Survival Hacks

5 Bra Survival Hacks Every Girl Should Know

A perfect bra is the one which you don’t have to think about. Finding the right size is one part of the struggle but knowing how to make a bra last longer will make your life easier. Here are 5 bra survival tips that you should know to make sure that your bras last the bucks that you paid for them. 

1. Don’t wash your bras in a washing machine

A washing machine is just not meant to wash bras. The straps and the bras get twisted around each other and loosen up. The agitating motion can snag and stretch the cups and cause irreparable damage. How about soaking them overnight in lukewarm, soapy water? This will clean your lingerie gently as well as keep the fabric safe from stretching and pulling. 

2. Once you wash your bras, lay them flat to air dry

Hanging or putting your bras in a dryer will just make them lose their shape. Spinning and heat causes the elastic to wear away. The best way to dry your bras is laying them flat in the shade.

3. Place your bras with both cups open 

Don’t put one cup into another, or fold the cups. This will destroy the fabric in the mold and shorten the life of your bra. Get a bra storage kit from Girl Nine and make your life easier.

4. Don’t sleep with your bra on

Not only is it unhealthy for your breasts, it is also a disaster for your bras. Take them off before you sleep. 

5. Do this if your underwire is poking you

Take a glue gun, cover the hole from where the underwire is poking you with the glue, cover it with a piece of cloth, and you are good to go. 

BONUS TIP: Don’t throw your old padded bra away. The padding can be used as sole inserts for heels and other shoes.

We hope these tips will help you in keeping your bras in shape!

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