Experts’ Guide to Finding the Perfect Shapewear for Your Body Type

A sleek and smart body is the dream of many. In a world where trends come and go like the wind, the confidence of a perfect body remains timeless. That’s where a body shaper comes into action.

It’s rarely seen in Pakistan, so very less women know about it. But the need for shapewear is evident in everything we wear. From fancy wedding dresses to a cool summer frock, these girdles can everything look better on your body. Let’s explore all about finding the lush, attractive appeal of your body with the right compression undergarments.

6 Steps to Finding the Perfect Body Shaper 

Shapewear comes in as many types as the body shapes. They differ in the level of coverage, compression level, and the area they cover. You can get a perfect shapewear only if you know what you are looking for. Worry not, that’s what this guide is all about. One step at a time.   

shapewear for women

  1. Understand Your Body Type 

Every body type is unique and nobody should fit into a different shape (unless you like it that way). Therefore, knowing your body type is the first and most essential step of shapewear online shopping.

It’s a common misconception that shapewear is made to change your shape. It’s not reality! These unique undergarments are here to tone up your body. Making a perfect figure with whatever you wear is their primary goal!

Apple Body – The apple body type has more weight in the center region. It shows up with a fuller bust, abdomen, hips, and sometimes thighs. Such women have thinner arms and legs in comparison. A high-waist brief or full bodysuit is perfect to tone up apple body shapes.

Pear Body – One of the most common body types in women, pear-shaped bodies have a larger lower body than the upper body. Their thighs and hips are heavier than their shoulder and bust. If you have it, go for compression leggings or high-waist shorts to shape it up.

Hour Glass Body – It’s the most sought-after body type among women. Individuals with this body type have a well-defined waist, with a fuller bust and hips, creating a curvy figure. High-waist briefs or a corset-style abdomen suit is another option.

Diamond/Inverted-Triangle Body – It’s more or less the reverse of a pear body. Women with triangle bodies have a broad upper area and a smaller lower half. There can’t be a better shaper for these individuals than a compression camisole.  

Rectangular/Straight Body – These women’s bodies usually have a linear shape, with almost similar measurements of waist, hips, and bust. You can see this body type in early teens. Compression leggings and shaping shorts are perfect for such bodies.

Slimming Body Shaper for Women

Plus Size Body Type – Plus-sized bodies have a larger frame. Their measurements are large in the bust, hips, abdomen, and thighs. Full contour suits or plus-size body shapers are the answer for such women. High-waisted thigh shapers are another good option.  

  1. One Size Doesn’t Fit All! 

Okay, let's clear this myth straight away: You DON’T need a smaller shapewear size to look slim!

Also, there’s not only one size of body shaper. They come in as many sizes as a typical garment. Take your body measurements and refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer.

If you feel uncomfortable in a shaper, size up or try a different style.

  1. Decide the Level of Compression  

Most women make a similar mistake at this step. Opting for a highly compressive product won’t make you slimmer, but it may affect your breathing level. Light control shapewear is great for daily use, keeping you healthy and moving. An intermediate stretchable material is perfect for most body types. High compression will make you congested, and such products will also become loose quickly. However, you may choose them for a dramatic transformation at a special event.

Bonus: Make sure you choose a comfortable material for the body shaper. Cotton mixtures are perfect due to their breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

  1. The Style of the Shaper 

Body shapers come in many styles, each serving a unique purpose. Also, body shaper price in Pakistan may vary with the style and quality of the product. Whichever type you choose, ensure it has a seamless finish for no-show confidence.

Full Bodysuit – This style covers most of the body, from busts to thighs. It’s best to wear under long dresses, frocks, and party wear.

Bodysuit with Bra Pads – If you require additional support for your bust, consider a bodysuit with integrated bra pads. This style caters to individuals with larger breasts, providing both shaping and lift.

Thigh and Butt Shaper – As the name suggests, this type of shapewear tones the thighs and buttocks. It's particularly effective for pear-shaped figures.

High-Waist Briefs – One of the most common types of body shapers, high-waist compression briefs or shorts cater to the needs of most body types. They are perfect for daily wear.

Compression Camisole – Camisoles with built-in shaping panels are perfect for achieving a slimmer upper body, making an excellent option for inverted triangle bodies.

Note: Products with adjustable straps and closures can serve multiple purposes. Choose them for a plus point.

Women Body Shaper

  1. Your Dress Type  

It’s not rocket science, but consider what you are wearing for the event:

  • For knee-length dresses, buy shapewear online that covers up to the chest.
  • For t-shirts with jeans or leggings, opt for high-waist compression briefs or shorts.  
  • For deep-neck or low-back tops, go for a similar-style bodysuit with bra pads inside.
  1. The Last Touch of Color 

Colors are not much to select from when it comes to body shapers. Beige and black are the most common colors that don’t show under most of the dresses. You can also opt for colored body shapers for see-through dresses.

Final Thoughts

The road to a perfectly toned body goes through finding the perfect body shaper. It takes you into a new world of confidence and comfort. By understanding your body shape and compression level and choosing the right style and size, you can achieve the euphoria of loving your body for the best!

The right shaper is not only necessary for comfort and breathability but also an error-free styling. You can buy shapewear online at Girl Nine, your go-to women’s undergarments brand. Choose our best product considering these important steps and give your body the perfection it deserves!

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