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How To Find the Right Jeans for Your Body Type

Denim jeans are one 90s trend that came back stronger than the autumn wind. Let’s admit it, at least one person in a group of 5+ individuals will be seen in jeans. That’s the thing about this garment, it fits in most occasions, for every body type. 

If you have tried jeans or have friends who are fans of this clothing type, you may know that it’s not something easy to shop for. You have to keep some factors in mind. The most important of these is whether it will look composed on your body. Knowing the answer to this will relieve half of your jeans shopping burden.    

Why Does the Right Fit Matters?

There are dozens of types of jeans for girls, and so are the body types. Not every pair suits every person. Denim may be an all-season, everyday wear but only if you know how to wear it. The tight-fitted fabric may expose more insecurities than any other clothing article. This calls the need for it to be specific, highlighting the best parts of your body. 

Every body type is perfect and no one should change their body to fit into specific clothes. What’s better is changing the type of clothes to fit your body!

Many women don’t even think about wearing jeans due to one bad fit experience. If this has happened to you too, try again. But this time, get the ideal fit for your body type. And how to find it? Well, this Girl Nine’s guide is all about finding what will suit you the best. 

Different Types of Girls' Jeans 

Let’s start with the types of denim jeans you can find in the market. 

If you are new to denim, you may be surprised to see that it comes in dozens of styles. You don’t have to shop for straight pants every time. A little knowledge of different styles can make your shopping easier and worthwhile. 

  • Skinny Jeans – This pair attaches closely to your skin. Skinny jeans are stretchable and take the shape of your lower half. They are present in all waist types.
  • Straight Leg Jeans – These are the pants that fit your body without being too clingy. It looks straight, not showcasing your leg's shape.   
  • Boot Cut/Flared - Similar to bell bottom pants, boot cut jeans open wide below the knees, giving an hourglass shape. The flare can be too wide or limited.   
  • Boyfriend – These jeans are like straight ones except they go a little open below the knees. Simply put, boyfriend jeans resemble those basic pants boys own. 
  • Mom Jeans – This trend of the 1980s features a high waist with loosely fit hips and thighs, ideal for middle-aged women. 
  • Wide Leg Jeans – The name says it all. These jeans have wide legs front start to the end.  

Women's Body Types and Their Best Fits 

Pear-Shaped Body 

A pear-shaped body is common among women. If you have wider hips and a comparatively smaller upper half, your body is said to be like a pear or triangle. But there’s nothing to feel bad about it. Even famous stars like Beyonce have this body type and yet she still looks flawless whatever she wears. The secret? Going for clothes that give credit to your natural shape. 

Try out the following denim styles for your pear-shaped body: 

Bootcut, bell bottom, or wide flare jeans – These pants have a wide area around the lower legs and ankles. This balances your wide hips with a wider lower leg, making your body look more symmetrical. 

High rise – If your jeans go a little up from your waist area, they won’t look bulky on the pelvic region. It will balance your shape and make choosing your top easier. 

Larger back pockets – Bigger pockets at the back of your hip region will not draw much attention to this area compared to small pockets. 

Apple-Shaped Body

If most of your body weight is congested in the upper half, you have an apple-shaped body. These ladies have a comparatively smaller lower half with skinny legs and flat pelvis. Your goal must be to balance your silhouette and not draw attention to one part only. 

Wide-leg jeans – Wide-leg jeans are perfect to make your legs in proportion with your upper body, balancing out your overall body weight. 

Skinny pants with baggy tops – Baggy women's tops that lie on your hips such as tunics are perfect for an apple-shaped body. Enhance this look with skinny pants. 

Boot cut or medium flare – Another way to show a wide region other than your abdomen is by wearing a bootcut and making it in line with your upper body weight. 

Mid to low rise – When it comes to choosing the right rise for your round shape, you have two options; mid-rise or low-rise. If you have a flat hip area, choose low-rise jeans. Otherwise, a mid-rise is good to go.

Straight or Rectangular Body 

You can see the perfect example of this body type on the ramp. This model-shaped body is long, straight, and less curvy. To look more feminine, go for the following jeans styles; 

Skinny Jeans – Show off your sleek, slender legs with a pair of skinny jeans. Add style with ankle boots and a classical leather jacket on top. 

Skinny Flare Jeans – Add volume to your legs, displaying an overall curvy body with skinny flare jeans. 

The Right Rise – If your legs are longer, balance them with a low rise. Otherwise, make them more appealing with a high rise paired with a cropped top.   

Hour-Glass or Curvy Body 

It is the dream of most women to have a curvy body. If you are blessed with it, flaunt your look with the perfect pair of jeans. These body types resemble an hourglass, a wide bust, a slim waist, and a wide pelvic area. Most garment types look great on these bodies.  

Skinny Jeans – As there’s nothing to hide in a curvy body, why not show it off? Skinny jeans are the best to flaunt your perfectly shaped body and attract attention to your curves. 

High Rise Waist – Jeans’ band laying on your waist will make your hourglass body more prominent giving a distinct shape to your slim waist. 

Bootcut/ Low Flare – If you like flared jeans or want to make a change in your usual outfits, try going for low to medium flare or bootcut jeans. 

Find Your Perfect Fit with Girl Nine

Nobody is born with a flattering figure and an indispensable style sense. Knowledge about fashion is what makes your body attractive. 

So, the next time you shop for girls’ denim jeans, keep your body type in mind. If you have been asking ‘How do I know my figure type,’ this guide is your answer. Compare your waist, upper body, and hips measurements to decide your body type. The next thing you see in the mirror will be a model-like figure with a flawless style sense. 

Can’t find the ideal denim pair for your body? Girl Nine has got you covered. We are among the top jeans brands in Pakistan, offering a myriad of girls' jeans for all body types. There you have it, everything settled in a single blog! 

Now go bold, own your body!

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