Our Story

Ladies shopping. We just made it better.

At Girl Nine we don't compromise. Aesthetics, comfort, and women empowerment are the cornerstones of our brand.

Our People

Abdul Rehman Talat, with his vast industry experience and faith in women entrepreneurship, has put Afrah on the driving seat at Girl Nine with his full support and cooperation.

Girl Nine was founded by Afrah Abdul Rehman who believes that a revolutionary women brand can only be relevant if it places its customers at the center of all decision making and is led by tech interventions.

What’s behind the name?

Courage, positive body image, resilience
Womanhood is the name of perseverance

Through ups and downs, through thick and thin,
We have to be strong, we will never give in

Perfection is a myth, we are the best as we are
We don’t accept dictations, don’t take it that far

Womanhood is our pride, being a woman makes us prime
The world is a playground and our game is Girl Nine!

Our wearables start our day with us and they should reflect our personality, our choices, and our ethics. But not in Pakistan. Girl Nine wants to claim shopping space for Pakistan women Choose the design you like, talk to our experts online about what size fits you, place an order, and get your delivery. Live unapologetically free. Just like Girl Nine.

We are on a mission

Why Girl Nine

Girl Nine is an ecommerce brand that aims to revolutionize the direct to consumer (DTC) women products market in Pakistan by cutting out the retailer middleman. Girl Nine will make shopping a pleasurable experience for women, instead of a difficult one.

Top Quality Products

Made from selected, quality sourced materials, Our products are top of the line. No matter what your size.

Accessible & very human

We respect the people who work for us, the customers for whom we make our products, and Mother Nature.

Get the best products, at home!

Our top quality, best products are delivered right at your doorstep. We want to make shopping easy and fun.

Why a Direct To Customer (DTC) business approach?

Simply because by adopting this disruptive, consumer-centric thinking and cutting out the cost of the middleman, Girl Nine is offering unique and innovative products with exceptional customer service.

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