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From an eclectic roster of artists to a powerhouse list of partners, Sony Music has leveraged its marketing efforts through traditional methods, and more recently in social media. With a following of 1,000,000 + fans , 600k + on Twitter, and 14k + followers on Pinterest, I’d say they have one heck of a strategy!

Epic Records is another force in the music industry, with 100k + Facebook fans, 314k + Twitter fans, and 80k + Instagram followers. Considering Epic’s hot list of talent, you would think that there might be more to the brand’s following. However, there are “different strokes, for different folks,” meaning companies use different strategies whether they’re in the same industry or not.

Let’s examine the difference between Sony Music’s and Epic Records’ social media strategies.


Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Tumblr Youtube
Sony Music 1,688,445 Likes 602k Followers 14k Followers 34k Followers Yes 13,083 Subscribers
Epic Records 144,710 Likes 314k Followers No 80k Followers Yes 3,211 Subscribers

Global Business &  Multi-Accounts

What’s unique about Sony Music and Epic Records is their existing multi-channels on each social media platform. Instagram, for example, has more than one channel for both record labels in the U.S. and U.K. Despite multi-channel use seeming tiresome, it’s actually a great idea to have if your business is international.
sony                                              epic



Frequency of Posts

“How often should brands post?” is a question that has been answered with endless opinions in the socialphere. While it is suggested to post multiple times per day, posting as little as three times per week has also been advised. Though I wouldn’t recommend posting minimal times per week, executing your content at least once per day should be the bare minimum. Let’s not forget that today we live in a microwave society, and the more updates that we receive, the more we’re likely to retain it.

Sony Music posts an average of three times per day, whereas Epic records posts one to two times per day. What’s their reasoning? Well, either you’d have to talk to their social media strategist to find out, or we can assume that much of it has to do with the most engaging times of day to post, and regional time zones. You wouldn’t want a post to read “Good morning” at 10am PST, while reaching Eastern time at 1pm would you?

Social Media Mix

Like any business or marketing mix, social media has its own. A good social media mix consists of marketing, communications, public relations, sales, education, and customer service. Put this cocktail together and you are at the start to a great run.

Do Sony Music and Epic Records have a good social media mix? Let’s see…

Of the social mix, Sony Music appears to have two of the six factors listed above—sales, and public relations. On the Sony Music Facebook Page, most of the content promotes a new music release without directly saying “go buy the album.” The engagement level of Sony’s followers is low, as Sony does not respond to comments.

In contrast, Epic Records follows a communications and sales approach. Epic’s content consist of music releases, and live event announcements. Similar to Sony, Epic Records does not engage with fans.


Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.03.21 PM



What’s the Social Media Verdict?

While a social media strategy is heavily detailed, and only fragments of a good social formula have been discussed, we have observed how Sony Music and Epic Records socialize online. Though the two are completely different record labels, their execution on social networks is actually similar.

Sony and Epic have a large following, with very little engagement—which is a mystery. Despite not being able to pinpoint why exactly, the main way that Sony Music and Epic Records continue to execute is through sales. Clearly this is their objective, which helps them to advance.



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