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Instabranding for Musicians


If you could tell the world your story, how would you do it? Marketers know that visual content helps viewers to retain information. You’ve probably experienced this after liking a commercial, but couldn’t pin point why. You might recall every segment of that commercial, which is largely due to carefully planned imagery.

One of the most critical ways to achieve this effect is through a free and powerful tool called Instagram. Whether you’re a business owner or a singer in the music industry, this photo-sharing app allows professionals and individuals to share their story visually. Let’s get into a little Instagram education.

What is Instagram?

If you’re a newbie to the Insta-scene, the app – according to Instagram – is a “fun and quirky way to share your life through a series of pictures.” Not only is Instagram designed for individual use, but businesses as well.

Who uses Instagram?

Over the last few years, celebrities and businesses alike have marketed their brands via Instagram through photos, by using clever captions and hashtags. Top artists such as Rihanna, Calvin Harris and Ryan Adams have successfully leveraged their music by using Instagram as a free promotional tool.

How Do Artists use Instagram?

Instagram or “Instabrand” has become a fast way for artists to engage with fans. Here are some of the ways that musicians use the platform through photos:

  • Music Releases & Promotions
  • Tour Releases & Followings
  • Concert & Studio – Behind the Scenes
  • Music Giveaways
  • Music Campaigns
  • Self Promotion
  • Sharing Vulnerability
  • Fan Engagement

ASAP Rocky, American hip-hop recording artist, uses emotional hooking to reel in his fans on Instagram. ASAP regularly uploads professional images with vibrant colors and brand related themes. He recently demonstrated how he engages with fans in his latest photo captioned “POUR UR HEART OUT 2 ME.” Click here and you’ll understand his concept.

Well-known singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift, uses a different method for her Instagram. Rather than selling anything, she lets her fans buy into the idea of being relatable. She uploads content daily, if not weekly, and pitches the idea of wholesome, down-to-earthness. Swift’s tactic grew her Instagram fan base to 74.1 million followers, which isn’t bad for a normal gal.

How Can You Measure Success on Instagram?

If you’re wondering how to find your insta-niché, then you have to know who you are as an artist and what story you want to tell. What is your Social Marketing Objective and how do you want to let others buy from you? Your success will be measured in the number of comments, likes and reposts that your photos receive. Instagram is a powerful tool for branding purposes. The more engagement you receive from fans, the more you know your niché is working.




3 thoughts on “Instabranding for Musicians”

  1. I literally LOL when I read this about Taylor Swift, “she lets her fans buy into the idea of being relatable.” I only follow celebrities who I think are relatable on IG. I don’t follow the Swift. ASAP is truly an artist. I was very confused looking at his pictures, much like his music, it’s just not my style. However, I do follow Nicki Minaj and Kim K ( I’m embarrassed to say it) because their IG post make news but they delete them after the news is made. I just want to be in the know. I really like how your blog looks by the way. I think as a lover of music, following my favorite artists lets me see them as a real person. I don’t like everything I see, but I feel like I know them. IG is a good way to engage and promote music endeavors.

  2. I really enjoyed this post, largely because of one idea you mention, the need for musicians to seem relate-able. First I must mention that I honestly hate Taylor Swift and most other “artists” of the modern era. That said I see the need for Swift to feel relateable, I mean I sure know the dangers of making millions upon millions and being world famous by the age of 25 so I honestly don’t understand how i can’t relate to her music.
    But this has long been a danger for muscians, it’s hard to rebel against the establishment when you live in BelAir drive a lambo and get doted on by beautiful women all the time. So these musicians need to find ways to relate, they surely can’t go out in public and be seen by normal people, that may be inconvenient so why not just let them look at your pictures and pretend to relate that way.
    Again great post.

  3. That is a great point of view, tools such as Instagram allow for the creators and musicians to be humanized and connect with their music. Platforms such as this also allows musicians and celebrities to self-promote and say outlandish things that will get them noticed and to stay relevant in the news. A great example of this would be the Kardashians, it seems like every couple of weeks they are somehow in the entertainment news for something they posted or released on social media.

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